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Elsa Who Me

Elsa Ostrich

Elsa, our new little friend, puts on a mighty show of strength and valor

until her safety is threatened by a plane above or an unexpected sound.





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“I was a very cute, happy, well adjusted puppy.  One night when I was blissfully sleeping, there was a terrible thunder storm with brilliant flashes of lightning.  Or maybe it was an earthquake or even a tornado.  In any case, at the same time as this event, a big heavy book fell off a shelf and hit me on my head.  It hurt.   My human mother came and comforted me but the pain and shivering didn’t stop for a long time.  And from that day on, I believed the sky would fall on me again and it might kill me.  And I have terrible nightmares.”

Sleepy Rozie

My name is Rozie.  I am an old dog now with a checkered past.  I am a rescue dog and have been rescued more than once.  No one knows my real story though.

I am a big, mean looking canine now, with a ferocious growl.   I can scare big men so I am a magnificent watch dog if I hear you coming.   The problem is I’m usually asleep.  They say that once, when a bear walked by, I just slept through the visit.

It should be noted that in my few waking hours, I am frightened.  I still remember the sky might fall and I watch the windows for a darkening sky or an unusual wind.  Backfires, gunshots, or a twig hitting the window are terrifying and thunderstorms are the worst.  They drive me (and my adopted lady, Dor) into a closet where sounds are muffled and smells are of comforting human clothing and old shoes!  My lady rubs me down with a dryer sheet to reduce static electricity. It feels pretty good but old shoes smell better.   Isn’t that a great idea though?

I am a very old dog named Rozie and still convinced the sky is falling because it fell on me once before, when I was a puppy.   And only my humans can save me.    There is no convincing me otherwise and I still have terrible nightmares.   My adopted humans want to help but all they can do now is hold  my paw through the hard times, and give me all their love.

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This is a Rozie Report

She is a true blue Lassie-type named Rozie.

She will probably never save my life,

nor will she disappear so I can cry, “Rozie, Come Home!”

This dog I love prefers to sleep.

She sleeps all day and all night.

She is sleeping now.

But, sometimes I do wake her up

to add some excitement to her life

like a belly rub or a little conversation.

She was a rescue dog destined for a killing shelter,

saved by my beautiful niece,

who eventually led her to us.

So when I wake Rozie up,

I ask, “Where did you start life? and

Did they name you Rozie? and

How do you like it here with us?”

She rolls over on her back.

I take that to mean she is content.

And of course, there is always the sleeping.

The vet says she is probably 13, old for a

big dog.

So maybe she deserves to sleep.

She’s sleeping now.

I think I will join her.

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