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Cloud Shower

I was gazing skyward at a woven tapestry of clouds

seemingly moving in an organized palette

to a pre-planned downward fall

 in a Cloud Shower.

Heaven offers an endless array of artistic views

and some need to be remembered.






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Gathering 1

Gathering 2


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The Impressionistic Sky

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Fla Trip 2014 060

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Awakening from Storm

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Skylines 2

Serene clouds softer than eiderdown


through crisp blue space afar,

clearly drifting undisturbed

in silent beauty.

Then puffs of wind

disturb the heavens.

And new artists’ vapor trails

make sky-lines

upon a lofty drawing board

for invisible giants.

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Every fingerprint is unique.

So goes the sky.

Golden Linings

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Clouds Parting for the Sun 1

Parting Clouds

Look up!

What do you see?

I see the clouds parting to let in the sun

because I called it this morning with all my might,

imagining I could catch the light

as it came pouring through the haze.

And the outcome was the joy of wonder

at the transformation to a true blue sky.

Look up!

What do you see?

I see that I have commanded the heavens

and now I am reaching for the clouds.

Clouds Parting for the Sun 2

Reach for the Clouds

Reach for the Clouds

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I know some blogging photographers who take phenomenal shots of the sky in all its phases and iterations, and I am always entranced by their works.  But, aren’t sky views simply a matter of perspective?  I mean really – do you see what I see?  Isn’t that a Christmas song?  Anyway, I may not be the greatest photographer, but who can resist a changing sky – especially early in the morning?


One recent morning I woke up – early.  No applause please.  If you were here, you too would be saying,“Uh Oh – she’s up.”  I’m not what you call pleasant upon early rising.  Fortunately, my husband figured this out soon in our marriage, and avoids me at all costs this time of day.  So much for true love.

But,  on this lovely morning, still half dazed, I saw the sky through the kitchen window. “Just look at that sky!” I thought.  “It’s like a blanket of angora clouds ready to fall down upon our world.  What texture!    What color!  What contrast!”  Was I thinking like a real professional photographer or what?


Admittedly, I was bleary eyed, and seeing things in a vaguely comatose state.  But, continuing my reverie, the sky began its subtle changes and wound up resembling COTTON CANDY!  And of course cotton candy reminded me I was hungry.

Once I have a cup of coffee and something teeny tiny to eat, (like an English Muffin with peanut butter, some fruit, and maybe some cheese, and well,  maybe even something for dessert) I’m the dear sweet person everyone has come to expect.  Call it low blood sugar maybe, but it has always been so.  In fact, it used to make my husband sick if I got up first and tried to make him breakfast.


But to continue – I snapped a few pictures of course – just to give the favorite blogging photographers  (you know who you are) some competition.  Ha!  And then I had my usual lumberjack’s breakfast.  And then my husband felt safe enough to come out from behind locked doors to greet me with his “Oh-Happy-Day” enthusiasm for life.  And once again, love could flourish.  And there is nothing like flourishing under a candy cane sky and a full breakfast!

Here are the results of my bleary-eyed photography, now in a collection I call SKYLIGHTS.
Orange Cloud Cover

Pink Sky Falling 2

Cotton Candy Sky

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This morning was “haunting” befitting a Halloween morning following Super Storm Sandy.

There was a sense of eeriness in the sky.  

The old barn across the way took on a mysterious mantle.

The mountains of the beautiful Blue Ridge exposed an eerie light.

And suddenly as if to say, “I’m sorry,” the looming clouds turned pink and bright

and shared the promise of a new day.

Eeerie Halloween Morn

Dawn Breaks on Halloween


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