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To Vegas or the Moon

I felt like a pioneer woman as we ventured  into undeveloped desert on our trek to an adult amusement center.  Sedona and its beautiful red rock mountains faded away to miles and miles of starkly empty vistas.  Were we going to the moon?  No, we were going to the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas!

A Driver Perspective

The Paris

At the Paris

My little family sped through mighty vast wastelands to finally see a city of dreams emerge like a distant mirage.  I don’t know how any grown up can help feeling a little surge of excitement entering Las Vegas.  O.k. – I know it’s all fake but aren’t we all kids at heart?  Then there’s always the possibility of a jackpot!

At the Mirage

At the Mirage

Well, by the time I understood the “games” I had lost my heart and mostly my wallet to that fake amusement center.  Ah well.

We did squander what resources were left on great food and a show at the Mirage Hotel/Casino.  The star was a fabulously talented singing ventriloquist named Terry Fator.  He was fantastic.  He was the 2007 winner of the t.v. contest, America’s Got Talent, and I can understand why.


Vegas was the lure of course, but to double my pleasure, I was going to see my oldest best friend, Kit who lives there.  We met in elementary school and have almost stayed the same ever since.  Well, maybe we look slightly different now but our reactions to each other are the same.  She named me Dort the Snort in those early days.  And she was Kit the Wit.  Dunno why I so easily acquiesced, but for all these years I still call her “Wit” and she still calls me “Snort.”  This earns us odd looks if people overhear our conversations.

I did get to visit with Wit – never stopped talking and laughing.  Just the same as always.  A few more aches and pains to talk about, but just the same.Kit the Wit

Kit Posing

And then it was off again – to Carlsbad, California!  Stay tuned.  If you are bored, please note that Carlsbad is the last stop before returning to Virginia views.

Terry Fator photo from: http://www.stageandcinema.com



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Roadside RedbudA-1My friend, Janet, who lives in Arizona,  came for an Easter visit.   Janet is like spring itself.  Everybody loves her and she arrives in a dramatic flurry much like the Virginia Redbuds (and she was here at the same time). It rained on Janet’s first day in Virginia but that was fine.  Rain is a novelty for those who hail from Arizona and it gave us a chance to catch up on things.

Janet Arrives with Spring

We were so busy with old memories and making new ones that I almost forgot to open the computer for a whole week.  I was absent from cyberspace if anyone was taking roll call and I could hardly read or comment on blogger friend posts.

We visited with two of my grandgirls (who had once upon a time long ago shared pretend little-girl-tea parties with Janet).  We watched movies and shopped and dined  with other friends.  Mostly we reminisced and caught up on our lives.

On Easter Sunday we three were invited  to a  brunch at the local country club.  What a grand treat that was.  And what a lovely day too, with spectacular views and scrumptious food and genuine laughter and joy.

Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh

On her last evening here, Janet and I went to a one-woman presentation by Betty Kahn Taylor at Washington and Lee University’s Lenfest Center for the Arts. The performance was of Marcy Laferty’s Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference. 

For younger bloggers out there, Vivien Leigh  played Scarlet O’Hara in the film, Gone with the Wind.  Have you seen Gone with the Wind?  I think I have seen it seven times or more.  Vivien Leigh was British and so is Janet, who says, “Toe-mahh-toe,” instead of tomaytoe.  Imagine how difficult it would have been for Vivien Leigh to play a southern belle with a believable drawl!

The redbuds are fading a bit as if sad to see Janet go.  But she was homeward bound yesterday.  “Next time, next season,” we said, “Something to look forward to.”



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