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Sea Glass Locket

There came a tiny birthday gift that grew in meaning.

A miniature bottle on a chain, with little bits of

turquoise sea glass in a teaspoon of sand.

At first I thought how strange a gift my son had given,

And still because of whence it came, it was so


In the middle of a busy day I stopped

To visit the tiny bottle once again,

and through its transparency, I saw

something else, indefinable

and the bottle was even more mysteriously


And then I realized

my son knows how I love the beach,

the sand, the surf, and

all its pleasures.

He had just moved  to a far off place

of wondrous seaside treasures.

And the tiny bottle became even more


Because he wished to share his life in this small way

 to entice me to those far off shores,

and tell me of his love in something more than words.

And so this tiny gift glows with meaning

And every time I look,

it grows infinitely precious and ever more


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