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Bananas for Safari Park MonkeysIn the checkout line at the supermarket there was a fellow ahead of me who was buying a big pile of bananas.  The strange thing is I noticed the bananas before I did the guy. (Is this just another sign of aging?)

Anyway, I was thinking, “He must love bananas.

  • Maybe he has a big family.
  • Maybe he is a camp counselor buying snacks for the kiddies.
  • Maybe he wants to make banana bread?”

I was still lost in imagining what he would possibly do with all those bananas when he turned back toward me and smiled.

Safari Park Guy

Cute Safari Park Guy

And there was an emblem on his shirt that said, “Safari Park.”

Aha!  Mystery solved.  This was a representative of the Virginia Safari Park, a magical place near me and just a few miles north of Virginia’s Natural Bridge.  Safari Park is where my  grandgirls (all grown up now) still demand to go every time they visit.

“Are the bananas for the monkeys?” I boldly asked the Safari Park man.

“Yes, and the giraffes love them too.”

“Do you mind if I take a picture of all those bananas?  Oh, and a picture of you too? I want to write a blog post about the park.”

“Of course, he said, “And thank you.”

If you are interested in going to the Virginia Safari Park, my young friend told me they will be open until Thanksgiving.

Virginia Safari Park is a 180-acre drive-thru adventure featuring 1,000 free roaming animals. Drive along 3 miles of road in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  With the Blue Ridge Mountains as your backdrop, animals of all sizes, shapes and colors approach your vehicle in search of a tasty bucket of feed. Their website is http://www.virginiasafaripark.com .

Safari Park 07

My youngest grandgirl, Mackenzie, all grown up now but still loves the Virginia Safari Park.


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platter of sandwiches

I used to make up 12 or more sandwiches for when “the kids” (our grandgirls) came for a visit.

Ham and cheese, Ham and no cheese, roast beef with mustard or without, turkey plain, turkey with mayo and mustard, turkey with lettuce, or without….. ad infinitum.

And those sans would somehow evaporate in one afternoon!

Lately our grandgirls are beginning to evaporate too.

Two are out of college and beginning adult lives in different states.  One remains in a college close by.  We just attended the middle girl’s graduation and celebrated her degree in Business/Marketing, but couldn’t make the older girl’s because it was the same day, only in Michigan.

Us n Kendall

Wonder who the graduate is?  Both Kendall and Grammy are wearing school colors May 5, 2017.

We had a surprise visit this week from Jessica and what a joy she is!  And how happy we were to see her since she will not only be embarking on a career in Human Resource Management and a new life in another state, but first she going on a trip to Tibet!

Jess Graduates Grad Schl

The big smile in front is Jess.

These days, it is folly to make up huge platters of sandwiches for the onslaught of “the kids” who used to all descend at once.  What fun we all had making memories with trips to Safari Park, the Dollar Store, the lake and the pool, games of jacks and scrabble, and just all “vegging out” watching SpongeBob Square Pants on television.


It is a little sad, but I no longer ask the question, “Mustard or Mayo?”

One of the last times they were all three here together, they made a stir fry dinner and wouldn’t even let me in the kitchen!

Perhaps soon it will be the reverse and when I come to visit them they will ask ME –

“Mustard or Mayonaise?”


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SafariPark GoofyElk

I love living in the country!  Just think of the endless entertainment right from my rocking chair (no I am not 90 yet!).  But I do love deck-side-gazing upon nature.

Ah yes, nature!  Witness the myriad of birdlife, squirrel life, deer life, ground hogs, cows, horses, turkeys (the list goes on), and bears.  And there are the comings and goings of the seasons and watching the rain drop.  Imagine the excitement in witnessing the world turning white with snow, or that same world in transformation to the green, green, grass of home!

My grandgirls are all grownup now, so I supposed that country-style porch sitting had long-since lost its charm.  I was surprised to receive a request from our oldest grandgirl to bring two of her college friends for a visit!  “Do you think they want to do the deck-watching thing?” I asked.   ” Is Jessica living in an afterglow of fond country memories?”


The reality is, Jess is not coming to watch the grass grow.  She is visiting to introduce her friends!  AND they are also going to the VIRGINIA SAFARI PARK – a place just down the road where she and her sisters simply HAD to go during every visit here since they were little girls.  Recalling all the squeals and screams and spilled food pellets makes me smile today.

SafariPark 3Kids 2004

“Eeeeek!  Roll up the window!  Go Grammy!  Go!  Go!   Ooops, the camel knocked the food bucket right out of my hands!  Nooooooo….. here comes that buffalo and his head is bigger than the window!  Go faster Grammy! Move it OUT!  Move it OUT!”

SafariPark Zebra 2004

Got food?

Now if you have never toured the Virginia Safari Park, you are missing a treat (simply ignore the sound effects above).  The park is a drive-through wilderness area of 180 acres that’s home to birdlife, squirrel life, deer life, ground hogs, (the list goes on), and bears.

Ooops!  Does this sound familiar?  Yup. We can watch all that from my deck.  But Safari Park also features zebras, camels, emus, elk, llamas, bison, ostrich, giraffes, pigs and piglets, African herd creatures (and the list goes on).  And you can see all of them in their natural habitat from the comfort of your car.

Mack&Buffalo 07

Can you see the buffalo looking in?

In fact, you can actually feed many of the animals from your car windows!  This is much more thrilling than porch sitting with Grammy.


Jess – Before She Grew Up

Actually, (according to my old brochure) this Safari Park is Virginia’s largest and only drive-thru zoo.  There are over 1,200 free animals t o see roaming on the preserve.  Three miles of safari roads wind through beautiful countryside as you enjoy the animals in their natural environment.  And there are hundreds of babies born each season.

So Jess and friends are coming this Saturday!  I can’t wait to see her and meet her friends.  I will be tempted to go on safari once more so I can hear all the squeals and screams of yesteryear.

And when they tire of all the excitement, maybe they will come and sit on our deck to just calm down, have a glass of lemonade and watch the grass grow.

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