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This is a Rozie Report

She is a true blue Lassie-type named Rozie.

She will probably never save my life,

nor will she disappear so I can cry, “Rozie, Come Home!”

This dog I love prefers to sleep.

She sleeps all day and all night.

She is sleeping now.

But, sometimes I do wake her up

to add some excitement to her life

like a belly rub or a little conversation.

She was a rescue dog destined for a killing shelter,

saved by my beautiful niece,

who eventually led her to us.

So when I wake Rozie up,

I ask, “Where did you start life? and

Did they name you Rozie? and

How do you like it here with us?”

She rolls over on her back.

I take that to mean she is content.

And of course, there is always the sleeping.

The vet says she is probably 13, old for a

big dog.

So maybe she deserves to sleep.

She’s sleeping now.

I think I will join her.


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