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The sign says, “Stop”,

but if you happen to miss it,

you may be in for a soft landing!


Stop Hay Bales


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Friends of our just moved to Virginia and had never seen round bales of hay. They dot the countryside and punctuate already expansive views of fields and pastures along our scenic byways.

As my friend’s family made their final approach by car to our area, their youngest son kept jumping up and down in delight and calling, “Look Mom, Look at the BUFFALO!!!!”  And I suppose if you look quickly, the round bales do resemble a herd of buffalo.

Local farmers use the hay to feed their livestock.  We used them too, for our horses to eat during the lean, sometimes snowy or icy winters we have here.

Have you ever seen round bales like this collection I found on my way to town?

Baled Field
Storm Brewing

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