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Some friends are fun,

and some are funny.

Meet our friend Pete,

a combination of both.

We had dinner with our friends, Pete and Phebe last week.  We see them often and look forward each time to hilarious conversations that leave us literally doubled over with laughter.

I am always concerned there will be nothing to say

since we have probably said it all by now.

But no story gets left untold and nothing escapes our howling laughter.  

Pete is wearing Phebe’s hat in this photo and you an see he is cracking himself up and the silliness is oddly catchy.

We are supposed to be among the distinguished elderly now, behaving with quiet maturity and an air of pride and elegance to make our families proud.

It may be fortunate that our families are not around to witness actual behavior!

We even make political arguments insanely funny (maybe because things are so insane in that realm anyway).

And what young folks would want to listen to those zany memories of  our younger selves?  We relive ridiculous moments with humongous chuckles.

Teasing the young wait staff at our local restaurants is part of the unplanned plan too. They may be secretly snickering at those old folks who are having such a great time, but I think they know we love them.

On this last visit to The Sheridan Livery Inn, in Lexington, Virginia, an old favorite restaurant, a familiar waitress greeted us with, “Oh No!  It’s those crazy people again!”  

I took that as a fabulous compliment and so did the others.  Besides, it started us off laughing and we laughed right through the meal.  Surely all that laughing is beneficial for digestion.

How lucky we are to have such people in our lives who are fun, funny and always funnier – they are the catalysts for life’s comic relief.  And just think of all the new memories we are creating to laugh about later.


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downtown lexington bistro

Downtown Lexington, Virginia has been abuzz with activities, young folks, traffic, and busy restaurants and shops.

It all has to do with end of school stuff (three universities in the area), plant sales, art shows, farmer’s markets, and the advent of Spring and Summer!

My friend Norma and I had lunch downtown at The Bistro.

The quiche was grand, the atmosphere was upbeat, and best of all, we had the chance to catch up on our lives.  It is always so surprising how much there is to talk about after about three or four weeks.

Corky is here!  That’s our son, who arrived Wednesday from California.  We met him at the door (like in the commercial) with all our technological questions (and gadgets) stored up for repair or clarification and pleas to help us with everlasting computer confusion.

 “Hi, good to see you.  Come on in!  None of this works.”

Cork has been offering Windows 10 lessons ever since he arrived.

I am now safely floating around in the Cloud too, but I keep thinking of the song, “The Little White Cloud that Cried.”  Isn’t there danger in trusting a cloud with all your family pictures?


Corky may be slightly overwhelmed by all the required tutorials.  Tomorrow will be devoted to Dashlane – a site that will store your passwords for you.  I think that is like a vault (in the cloud?).

“Everything on Microsoft is RIGHT CLICK Mom.

Now what do you do next?”

“Right click,” I reply.

“Great!  You are getting the hang of it.”

We had dinner at The Pink Cadillac again, which now boasts an expanded menu!  Interested in fried shrimp?  It’s there.  Or pulled pork barbecue?

pink cad interior

Like everyplace else around here, the old place was crowded with happy people.  Isn’t this a wonderful time of year?

Finally, who can discount the weather?  It rains almost every day. And folks are getting fed up with humidity and downpours.  I still love the sound of raindrops falling though, and tend to run around cracking windows open to increase the volume.

The good news is Big Foot is now reliably Small and the plantar fasciitis less sensitive.  It’s still there but seemingly subsiding.

It’s Bad Luck Day – Friday the 13th – but around here, there is a whole lot to be thankful for.






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“He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.”  

~Jonathan Swift

If you are ever in Williamsburg, Virginia and you’re hungry (especially if you are hungry for shell fish), I discovered a place I would drive three hours to go back to.  It is called The Fat Tuna Grill and Oyster Bar.

I was yearning for  seafood  and though it is available “inland” where I live, it is oddly not quite satisfying.  But on our trip to Williamsburg I learned I  had forgotten the joy of consuming fresh oysters on the half shell and big fat broiled shrimp dipped in butter!


And that is exactly what I ordered at The Fat Tuna – oysters on the half shell and broiled shrimp.


Bill doesn’t know it yet, but I am planning a calculated semi-yearly blitz urging him to join me in return trips to Williamsburg – just for a repeat of that dinner!  Tomorrow would not be too soon.

But back to my somewhat less than professional food critic’s review:

I was oohing and ahhing so much the smiling Manager came over and touched my shoulder in gratitude for such exuberant appreciation of the chef.

I loved the service too.  “Star” understood  and she was truly a star in bringing us fabulous warm hush puppies and corn bread for starters.  I am off grains of course, but had a taste of each to set me swooning for more.   Selected sides were green beans cooked to perfection and fabulously delicious coleslaw.  And Key Lime Pie for dessert – the real thing!

The Fat Tuna is a casual dining destination – meaning it is not hoity-toity and you don’t have to dress up but it is pleasantly appointed.

Can you tell how much I love this restaurant?

If you love seafood too and you are anywhere near (or even far), The Fat Tuna is the place to go.


Fat tuna sign
1433 Richmond Road
Williamsburg,Virginia 23185

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pink cad car

Photo by Kathy Jennings http://www.fineartsamerica.com

Yesterday I made a fruitless trip to town to find “skinny-er” jeans to complement my imagined skinny-er figure.  That illusion died an agonizing death as I tried on six different brands. each in one size smaller, and all of them screaming the same thing, “WHO ARE YOU KIDDING LADY!!!!???”

7401702554_e31ae55aec_zIn need of immediate comfort I went for groceries and added heavy whipping cream and sour cream to the basket.  Did you know if you combine the two in equal parts and let the mix sit uncovered on the kitchen counter for about 4 hours, you will get the most delightful “clotted cream?”

Clotted cream tastes wonderful on just about everything, and particularly on pumpkin pie.  ‘Tis the season after all, but so much for rapid weight loss.

I  dragged on home with the groceries and was just about to relax while clotting the cream when the phone rang.  It was Bill saying, “Hi Darling.  Ooops, I locked my car keys in the gym locker.  Would you mind bringing me the extra key?”

You have undoubtedly guessed Bill went to the gym while I was clotting.  He has a whole lot more will power than I do.  But being the darling wife that I am, I went off to town carrying the extra key to his locker.  “Stuff happens.”  That’s what they say nowadays right?  It used to be “go with the flow.”

Anyway, that made two trips to town and two trips back for my exciting day.  Bill also made a trip to town and a trip back.  Town is about 15 minutes away.  Could that be over an hour driving to and fro?

Did I want to cook dinner?  No.  And Bill, being the darling husband he is (we are sort of sarcastically gushy you know), suggested we eat out.  Another trip to town?

Pink Cadillac Necessary Rooms

Pink Cadillac
Necessary Rooms

No.  We decided to dine at THE PINK CADILLAC.  Hence the photos.

My blogging friend, Cindy, from the wilds of Canada, noted for her Photos from the Loony Bin, actually met Bill and me at the Pink Cadillac not so long ago.  She was with her QT husband Mikey.  They are an adorable couple and we wish they would come back soon.

If Cindy and Mikey stay awhile at the Pink Cadillac they may notice all the pics of old film stars on the walls.  It is almost embarrassing that Bill and I can name all of them.  James Dean, John Wayne, or Elvis Presley, Vivien Leigh, Jimmy Stewart, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry – they are all there.

If you find yourself in my neck-o-the-woods, plan a stop that will take you back in time to a 1950’s diner called The Pink Cadillac where looking at the walls is a joyful way to wait for your Elvis burger and fries!

And be sure to let me know when you’re coming huh?  I’ll meet you at The Pink Cadillac!

pink cadillac front

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Ubon Thai Victorian Inn 2Yesterday I went again with my friend to the Ubon Thai Victorian Restaurant and Inn in Staunton, Virginia!

I know the name of the place is enough to make you smile!

We had been there before for lunch on one of our “outings” but were hankering again for the ultra delicious Thai food.

And we were once again greeted by the happy energetic Mrs. Ubon Herlong.  She was born in Nakonsawan City, Thailand) and is the eager-to-please owner/chef/server who insists demands you enjoy yourself.   She loves telling stories of her life in Thailand and will even call you “Baby!”  And her cheerful presence actually enhances the authentic Thai dining experience.

“No MSG here!” she said.  “All organic!  You want MSG?  You go Chinese!”  Ubon and Dan Herlong

And we are immediately grinning.

Our big smiles begin in the parking lot in back and escalate as we follow our noses down meandering garden steps.  Somehow we wander into a Thai inspired world of kitschy ethnic charm.  The restaurant is in a building 150 years old offering succulent food inspired by Anna and the King of Siam! The name of the place is cause enough for smiling, but merging the Thai culture and cuisine with a splendidly elegant Victorian atmosphere is totally unique.

And then there is Dan Herlong (Ubon’s husband) who graciously took us on a tour of the Inn the first time we were there.  This time he showed us a cell phone tracking device that helps you find your misplaced phone.  It beeps louder when you are heading in the right direction!

And of course the building is a beautiful example of the Victorian age in Virginia.  Within blocks of downtown Staunton it was once called The Belle Grae Inn and was built in 1870 as part of a 200 acre farm at the edge of town.

Today’s version of the Belle Grae Inn in Staunton’s historic “New Town” is now the Ubon Thai Victorian Restaurant and Inn.   It’s a pleasant walk to shops and museums and an easy drive to Colonial and Civil War history, a little tricky to find, but patience and a bit of circling around Staunton got us there just fine with “ample parking.”

But the irresistible draw of the Ubon Thai Victorian Restaurant

and the cause of so many smiles is the attention and the food!  

Ubon makes you feel you are visiting her in Thailand and the food?  

Well, the food is simply delicious!





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Rainbow Foods

I recently had lunch with a friend at Cool Spring Organics, a favorite hangout for people who love foods that taste good and are good for you.  One side of the store is a restaurant with delectable options for lunch or dinner, and the other side is a market with equally tempting selections and lots of fresh produce.  If I want to treat myself, I drift into the market, say hi to the owners, Brad and Selena, and begin a slow browse around.  I never ever leave empty handed.

All year round, including in mid-winter, the colors inside are vibrant and practically shout their promotion of good taste and good health.  I think it’s the color that got to me this time since the landscape outdoors is still rather bleak.

I happened to have my camera along and could not help noticing a display of really grand paintings high on the top shelves.  The pictures are of produce and barnyard animals.  What beautiful additions to the gorgeous colors of  actual produce in the store! As I visited with Selena, I asked if I could take some random photographs.   She agreed and also told me the paintings were by our local high School students!  What a perfect place to display them!

Want to beat the winter blues?  Make a trip to your local organic food market and bask in all the brilliant color!

Sometimes I forget there is real beauty in the basics.

Art by Students Sign

One Student's Artwork

Art by Student

Barnyard Art

More Student Art

Art by Nature

Art by Nature

Organic Bananas

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