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Renew Now

I usually keep gripping gripes to myself.  I’m one of those “grin and bear it” gals who save things for exploding on rare explosively deserving occasions.  You don’t hear me complaining often do you?  I am a peace loving blogger person after all.

But, I know you are wondering, “So what’s your gripe anyway?  Go ahead.  Spill it.”

Patience.  Here is my story.

My calmer, more accommodating self understands the folks who send out magazines, newsletters, and other subscription services.  Of course they need to send out renewal notices.  I may be just a tad aggravated but I even understand reminders two months before the actual due date.  After all, I might be one of those forgetful few who need advance prodding to pay up.

Do you see how sweet I am?

But “great guns”, when is the barrage too much, too soon?   There is a fine line between a time-is-running-out reminder and the total turnoff of a demand for immediate action when you just sent in your check!

 Most Current Gripe: 

I just ordered a year’s subscription to a health newsletter because it promises to preserve my youth into old-er age.  I think, however, that it is making me look old-er now and  I am aging before my own mirror.

You see, I just received a reminder to “Renew Now!”  And I have only received one issue!

Does this mean I can look forward to getting constant renewal notices for the entire year?

Are they afraid their health letter remedies will not work and I will die before sending in the money to renew?

And what they REALLY do not comprehend is that now (if I live through the year), I have NO intention WHATSOEVER of renewing even though I may miss something that could preserve my health, appearance, youth, and emotional well being into my 100’s.

This peace loving blogger has definitely lost it.

Do you get early renewal notices too?  How early?  I’ll bet you can’t beat this one.

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