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Maxine attitude

My “to-do” lists are created in all seriousness, with all-serious intentions.

But creating a list is not always the same as fulfilling it.

This was yesterday’s list:

  • Get gas in the car. O.K., so I forgot.  Will get it tomorrow.
  • Mail that bill.  Forgot.
  • Remember to take a cooler bag with ice packs for perishable purchases. Forgot the cooler.
  • Stop at the drugstore for allergy meds and eyedrops. Sent Bill (short for “William.”)
  • Shoe store for comfort sandals. No time.
  • Haircut. Managed that.
  • Gym for a mild workout. Too tired.
  • Stop at the real grocery store for real food.  Sent Bill.
  • Stop at the produce market for fun things that taste good like local peaches and tomatoes. Managed that.
  • Don’t forget to put all that in the cooler bag. No cooler bag.  Drove home fast.
  • Take pictures along the way.  Nope.  Taking time would make the peaches go bad.
  • Visit with people you meet.  Of course.

Somehow I did not feel particularly productive on this day.

But after all the groceries (peaches and tomatoes) were put away, I took a little walk.

No list.

Just a walk.

And  how about this all-in-one list of fulfilled to-do’s?

  • A 30 minute walk added EXERCISE.
  • Thirty minutes in sunshine for VITAMIN D3.
  • Thirty minutes of fresh air in beautiful rural Virginia!
  • STOP-AND-GO PHOTO OPS for next blog post.
  • And, I pulled at least 5 weeds and thinned one zinnia bed in the front garden.



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Rainbow Foods

I recently had lunch with a friend at Cool Spring Organics, a favorite hangout for people who love foods that taste good and are good for you.  One side of the store is a restaurant with delectable options for lunch or dinner, and the other side is a market with equally tempting selections and lots of fresh produce.  If I want to treat myself, I drift into the market, say hi to the owners, Brad and Selena, and begin a slow browse around.  I never ever leave empty handed.

All year round, including in mid-winter, the colors inside are vibrant and practically shout their promotion of good taste and good health.  I think it’s the color that got to me this time since the landscape outdoors is still rather bleak.

I happened to have my camera along and could not help noticing a display of really grand paintings high on the top shelves.  The pictures are of produce and barnyard animals.  What beautiful additions to the gorgeous colors of  actual produce in the store! As I visited with Selena, I asked if I could take some random photographs.   She agreed and also told me the paintings were by our local high School students!  What a perfect place to display them!

Want to beat the winter blues?  Make a trip to your local organic food market and bask in all the brilliant color!

Sometimes I forget there is real beauty in the basics.

Art by Students Sign

One Student's Artwork

Art by Student

Barnyard Art

More Student Art

Art by Nature

Art by Nature

Organic Bananas

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