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This little Hummer found a place to rest near the feeder.  I wish I had a better zoom capability.  She sat there for the longest time looking around at the world and thinking over the impending storm.

THummer Storm Watcher

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Daily Prompt:  Singin’ in the Rain

Safe inside, toasty warm, while water pitter-patters on the roof…describe your perfect, rainy afternoon.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RAIN

We had just attended our granddaughter’s high school graduation.

The diploma was in her hands.

The family luncheon was a happy occasion

And there was joy all around

We were driving the long way home.

I love rain minus thunder and lightning and this is what came down.

 I didn’t know it would be a deluge as we drove on,

so for this single moment , all was well

and the rain was a symphony of sights and sounds.

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Watching Ceremony on a Giant TV Screen

Watching Ceremony on a Giant TV Screen

To those of you who suffered through my last post on a grandgirl’s graduation, do not feel pain free yet.

The mystery of the missing graduation pictures is now solved.  And it’s thanks to you and you and you, the blogging pals who volunteered instructions.

“Insert the memory card from your camera into the appropriate slot in your laptop,” you said.

Learning something new at my age is tantamount to learning to walk in baby days!  Helping hands were needed way back then too.

And with your gentle, tactful coaxing, I bravely inserted the funny little card chip thing into the proper computer slot, and Voila!  The pictures appeared in tact!  THANK YOU!

And here are some of those photos!

I don’t know who said it, and nobody else is quite sure either but,

“No good deed goes unpunished.”

KendallGrad En Route

En Route Before The Deluge

It's Her! I Know Because They Called Her Name!

It’s Her! I Know Because They Called Her Name!
TV Screen Image Slightly Blurred


Proud Son and

Kendall,  The GrandGirl Graduate

The GrandGirl Graduate

Three White Skirts Which One is Kendall?

Three White Skirts
Which One is Kendall?

Oldest GranGirl is Hungry

Oldest GranGirl is Hungry

Gray Haired Lady  is Not Graduating

Gray Haired Lady
is Not Graduating

Beauty and the Beast (Grandpa)

Beauty and the Beast (Grandpa)

Proud Papa  With the 3 Grandgirls

Proud Papa
With the 3 Grandgirls

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We kept saying, “Spring is almost here.”

And Spring did come along

with forsythia, redbuds, and a visit

from two of my grandgirls.   Yes, Spring is here!

Greening of VA Macky in Disguise Mackenzie Nicole Sleeping Beauty Jess Tech Student Stocking Up

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

“Up” to me, always means the sky,

the heavens, the sun, and


to get closer.

Reaching for the Clouds

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Look at this!

The Wild West as you have never seen it before!

Photographs by Timothy O’Sullivan, a 19th century photographer.


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Skylines 2

Serene clouds softer than eiderdown


through crisp blue space afar,

clearly drifting undisturbed

in silent beauty.

Then puffs of wind

disturb the heavens.

And new artists’ vapor trails

make sky-lines

upon a lofty drawing board

for invisible giants.

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Rays of Light

A wintry landscape  sees no end,

not enough snow for beauty,

not enough light for joy.

A gray day developing

a gray mood.

Where is the sun?



Here it comes!

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There is a stone frog I hang on our storage shed, along with antique tools and other oddities like an oxen yoke.  I love the little froggy guy though, because he  reminds me of lazy summer days.  I should take him down in winter, but there he stays.  I think maybe he brings good luck – a kind of gargoyle/monster protector.  There used to be such building adornments long ago that supposedly protected against evil spirits.  Sure, I know it’s just a storage shed, but I figure the froggy’s power extends to other outbuildings – like maybe my home!

On the day of our big snow, I wandered over to pay my respects and there he was, doing his job protecting us from evil spirits.  Only this time he wore a winter hat and scarf!  It was as if he was laughing at me.  “You forgot to take me down and now it’s winter.  How do you expect me to protect everybody if I’m freezing, huh?  Summer is gone so I had to have a scarf and hat!”

Froggy With Winter Cap

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Home for Xmas

Wherever I go people ask,

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

And I always answer, “Not quite.”

Always one more thing to do,

one more gift to wrap,

one more cookie to bake,

 one more menu to plan,

one more bed to make,

one more card to send.

Only four more days to go.

Are you ready for Christmas yet?


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