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Elsa Toys

Another Dog Story

Our new dog, Elsa – the one with the split personality – has already generated another blog post.

I never met a dog who didn’t want to play with a squeaky toy but Elsa is the first.

Elsa is different.

Elsa has empathy.

Impossible you say?

Today I purchased four plush toys for our new canine pal and couldn’t wait to get home to retrieve them from the bag and surprise her.

Squeak Squeak! 

Look Elsa! 

Look what I brought you! 

Come and Get It!

Elsa’s response?

She whined!

And she whines every time I squeak a toy.

She also walks away and looks back (sorrowfully).

I think this is a rare sign of Canine Empathy.  Elsa feels so sorry for the poor squealing toys that she will not even touch them, but simply cries for them (or with them).

I may be seeking a Canine Psychiatrist to analyze this.


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This little Bluebird of Happiness landed on my deck on a chilly rainy Supposedly-Autumn day.

Isn’t the arrival of bluebirds supposed to announce the arrival of Spring?

And just look at this confused little guy all puffed up to keep warm.

Is Autumn really on the way or what?


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Years ago I created a collage

of favorite photographs.

I glued them in a haphazard way on top of a big old ugly $15 dime store print that once hung over our couch.

Even now I think it was a great idea and I remember pasting away and thinking, “How artistic if I do say so myself!”

I loved it so much that I eventually had the collage framed and was assured the priceless photographs were safely under protective glass.

“This collage of family and friends will live on through generations,” I thought.

And yes, that inventive impressive self indulgent collage is over the desk in Bill’s “office.”

And every now and then I look once again at a dimming past.


Some of the photos are not only dimming,

they are disappearing!  

Many of those faded fotos in my collage were taken with an early Polaroid camera in the 1960’s or maybe even earlier.  The miracle was that the camera itself would process a picture and spit it out for at you.  Then you waved it in the air and blew on it to “set” things – or at least I did.

I suppose being under glass and exposed to sunlight would “unset” or affect images.  Or maybe I shouldn’t have shaken the photo to hurry things along.

Is there a Polaroid camera now with a re-set button?

I want to hit RE-SET!

The fading fotos from yesteryear are following my life cycle and we will all fade away together.

Are you watching your life fade away too?

If you are wondering if they even make Polaroid cameras anymore, the answer is Yes!  Instant film is coming back into popularity!

From Polaroid’s Comeback, by Mark Rogers, Photographer: “Polaroid cameras have recently been coming out of storage. …With instant film so popular, there are now once again hundreds of these small, square-shaped photographs around — and your favorites should be preserved and displayed the right way. Just like standard photographs and prints, instant film can suffer the same damage as standard film. However, a little more care should be taken when handling the still-developing film — according to Polaroid, the more closely the photographer followed the instructions, the longer the photo will last. Tip: Shaking the photo does not help a Polaroid develop faster. In fact, it could actually damage the developing photograph!…Standard photography preservation practices apply: keep the photos away from light, heat and moisture; most organizations maintain that Polaroids will fade in as just as much time as conventional photographs…”  


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View from the Sheridan Livery Inn, Lexington, Virginia

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WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge:  From Every Angle

This week, photograph a stationary subject from three different angles.

I love this charming old fence dressed for a special occasion, calling out for admiration, “Look at me.  I’m not through yet!”

Flowers on a Fence 2

Flowers on a Fence 3

Flowers on a Fence

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Vegetable Art 2

Can you guess what this is?  

My middle granddaughter, Kendall, made it with a special tool.

Then she gave the tool to her sister, Jess, for her birthday.

Here is Kendall thinking about her next creation.

Kendall - the Look

But it was Jessica’s birthday!  I was going to take a picture of the cake but didn’t get to it in time.

The Birthday Cake

Here is the birthday girl.

The B'day Girl Jess

We all played scrabble and watched movies and ate a lot.

There was a refrigerator raid.

Raiding the Frig

And some work in the kitchen.

Kitchen Workers

And lots of laughter all round.

Grinning Gramp

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Daily Post

Photo Challenge:  Converge

Photos are visual spaces where shapes and lines, objects and people come together.

This week, explore the ways lines and shapes can converge in interesting ways through photography.  You can take the theme in a literal or an abstract direction, as you see fit – from a photo of a by-road merging into a busy highway to an image of an airport terminal where people from all over the world form hectic, ephemeral communities.



Country Tracks

Endless Fence

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Drizzly Hotel ViewIt rained when we left Virginia on Saturday morning and rained for our drive to Durham, North Carolina.

Bill and I were heading off to see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons!

It was raining when we got there and raining for our  walk to the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC), and again for our drippy walk back to the hotel after the concert, but we didn’t care.Durham Performing Arts Center

The drive was delightful with virtually no traffic and we never even got lost once!  The only things missing were Burma Shave signs.  Does anyone remember them?Easy Driving

But the best part of the trek was the “senior citizens happening” in Durham.

We joined 2,698 other devoted old fans all drifting in and out of musical reveries.  Bill and I were seated in the “best available” seats (high balcony left!) since “DPAC” was sold out.  Many of us climbed interminable heights and stairs to get to our seating. Stage Set for Frankie Valli

It was an impressively huge audience.  Our heydays were in the 60’s , 70’s, and 80’s and we waved and swayed and tapped and clapped and hollered as we all forged a mutual link to a never-forgotten musical past.

Frankie Valli  is now 80 years old!  Imagine?  And he sang on August 9th  almost non-stop in his characteristically high voice for an hour and 45 minutes.  With each announced song we could hear voices yelling, “Yeahhhhh” and  “All Righttttt.”

He covered the musical renditions from when he began in 1962 and onward through the generations and we all recognized our earlier selves.

 And for just those fleeting moments we were once again who we were then –

fresh and young and dreaming of things to come.

It was  over so fast no one wanted to leave.  There was a standing ovation with yelling and whistling that went on and on.

Yes, it was a drizzly drive to Durham but happiness was tripping back through time.

Wet?  Who cares?  We would do it all over again.

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons began filling the air with love and romance way back in the 60s.  They scored 29 Top 40 hits, one Top 40 hit under The Four Seasons’ alias ‘The Wonder Who?’, and nine Top 40 hits for Frankie Valli as a solo artist.  They marked the seasons with their biggest hits like ”Sherry” (1962), “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (1962), “Walk Like a Man” (1963), “Rag Doll” (1964) and “December 1963 (Oh, What A Night)” (1975).   “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, which reached number two in 1967, is one of their best-loved hits.    As a solo artist, Frankie Valli released his number one hit — “My Eyes Adored You” (1974) and “Grease” (1978).

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Storm Warning!

Storm Warning!

As always I feel a pent up excitement at the threat of a real snow storm.

We haven’t had one of those in a while.  In fact, we are having a relatively innocent winter.

But here came a forecast from my favorite meteorologist who predicted a shovel-worthy snowfall!

I kept watching the windows, getting more and more anxious,

like a young girl waiting for her first date, in love for the first time – waiting.

And here came the snow just as predicted!

Bill Clearing in a Snow Storm!

Bill Clearing in a Snow Storm!

Make Yourself Comfortable!

Make Yourself Comfortable!

I was so delighted I went out to shovel walkways even though they are immediately filling up again.

There is at least a foot of snow, maybe more, and more coming to add to the overnight pileup.

Dinner Will be Served!

Dinner Will be Served!

I love the way the world is so transformed, with ordinary objects taking on new shapes and dimensions.

And yes, I may soon tire of the novelty and wish again for easier living.  I know.  I know.

It is foolish to love something that causes

so much disruption in so many lives, but

for now,

for this day, 

for this moment in time,

I love snow!

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Ghostly Stairway to the Stars

Ghostly Stairway to the Stars

After over three weeks “on the road” or in the living room yakking with my visiting old friend, Janet, I think I am back to my favorite thing – blogging!  It’s a hard climb though.   I seem to have forgotten all my used-to-be creative urges and am in a ghastly funk.

Janet and I did a lot of driving.

On one of our windy road tours through Virginia, we came upon an overlook.   It was one of those places to get out, stretch, and gaze upon a lovely mile high view of the valley below.

 But, what really drew me to pull into this place was a set of overgrown stone steps that aimed for the sky.

Never mind the view!  It was only a view.

Stairway to Foundation

I was in love with the stairs!

 Can you see there is only a chimney at the top?

Who were the people who lived there?

 Those beautiful steps are a testament to what must have been a gorgeous home.

Who enjoyed that view before the highway and before all the gawking onlookers?

Was it a cottage built as a romantic getaway to escape the maddening crowd?

Was there a family there enjoying a Spartan mountain life?

Who were they?  How did they get there?  Why are they gone?

Coming back to blogging is much like I felt gazing at that ghostly stairway.

 Climbing back to my blogging friends and cleaning up the clutter as I go is the sudden challenge.

The foundation is there but the weeds have taken over and I can only imagine what to write about next.

So, I am starting with the first stone step in my ghostly stairway to the stars.

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