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Bambi Waiting in the Rain

Through a Glass Brightly

It’s raining again in Virginia.  We seem to have an afternoon storm every few days, and I wonder.  Do the animals of the forest become accustomed to sounds of thunder and regular downpours?  Do they hide or go about their daily chores as if the sun is shining?

How I love to listen to the rain pelting our rooftop, and I love to watch it too.  So I gazed out my kitchen window today and immediately saw a Mama Doe and her Fawn who were oblivious to weather.  They were dining in a heavy downpour.   Mom was munching the deliciously moist grass and quietly sitting nearby was Bambi, who most certainly was under strict orders not to move a muscle.  They looked calm, happy and cool.

Mama Doe & Bambi on Right

Oh, how I wanted a picture of this scene!  But I knew if I opened the sliding door, they would hear me and swiftly disappear, so my only alternative was the kitchen window.   Coping with window glass, rain, and the precarious movements of wildlife may have made these shots less than perfect.  But I’m thrilled to have witnessed this little family who were so enjoying a rainy day and I am so delighted to have these slightly fuzzy shots to share.

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