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I used to keep photograph albums.

But somewhere around 2006  the albums came to an abrupt halt.  It was about the time I received the gift of a cell phone that produced remarkable pictures.

The problem was that all photos from 2006 onward became buried somewhere in the phone or in my computer or in the nebulous ubiquitous CLOUD.

The “progress” in technology resulted in a twilight zone of lost time.

I stopped mounting my favorite shots lovingly in a photo album.

Time stopped.

This Christmas Bill gave me a SMART PHONE PHOTO PRINTER that actually works!

One brave step backward for mankind!

I have now reopened the last unfilled, ready-and-waiting-photo-album and began adding some pictures of a friend’s baby sent to us in a Christmas card.  Then there are smart phone photos; one of Bill on New Year’s Eve, a somewhat jarring selfie of me, a shot of Elsa-the-dog, and a picture of two good friends who came visiting over the holiday.

This little machine is a miracle!

Will it result in a rebirth of the age-old practice of saving photographs in albums?

If you ask me, no.  I am already sure the gadget will stop or the materials will no longer be available.

But it’s a start.   Time to take pictures!  And at least for the beginning of 2020 there will be memories in an album.







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Home Sweet Home in America

Every now and then I treat myself to a “camera walk” in the small college town of Lexington, Virginia just down the road from home.

 If I were writing a travelogue it would feature the area’s theater, art, and history, the Stonewall Jackson House, the George C. Marshall museum, the tomb of Robert E. Lee, the Natural Bridge, Hull’s Drive-In Movie, outdoor opportunities,  and so many other attractions.  But this is a roaming walker’s on-foot impressions by the side of the road.

The routine is to amble along randomly snapping pictures of anything that looks like a photo op.  And sometimes when I get home and peruse the treasured results, I see surprising patterns.

This day it was porches.  There are a lot of old fashioned front porches in the little town of Lexington, Virginia.  And that got me thinking about how very American that is.

Porch on Main St 2

The back streets of my town are dotted with storybook homes.  Now I ask you,  “What architectural feature played a more important role in forming our unique American identity than the highly beloved front porch?”

I looked up “porches” and learned that from way back in the 1880’s they were the places to see and be seen in America, where courtships blossomed on the proverbial porch swing, and where families sat outside after dinner to escape the heat indoors and to meet and greet passersby.  That is a long tradition.

Porch on Main Sttreet

Sadly, by the 1950s, when radio and television kept families inside,  patios and decks were the trend.  In fact, if you wanted to modernize your house, you were advised to tear down that old fashioned structure altogether!

Happily the front porch is regaining popularity today and is once again added to existing buildings and included in new house designs and plans.

Porch 2 Front Portch American Style

We are surely longing for an idealized past – a place to leave our boots in muddy weather, to rock the baby to sleep, a place for the family to rest and relax after a fine meal and catch a summer breeze.   The front porch is still for first kisses, creaky swings, iced tea and good neighbors.

I wish I had a front porch.  Don’t you?


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At last my world is green again

 and filled with color again.

 I am digging,

edging, playing,


loving, and hoping.

Spring is here again.

Tulips in Circuar Flower Bed 2

Cow Covered Hillside

Blue Ridge Fantasy Clouds

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Treetops and Snow Sky

March 24, 2013.

The first day of spring has already come and gone,

but not winter.

Another snow storm is already here.

We are ready.

Ready for the wood stove again, and

a generator that looks tired but willing,

with bread, milk and staples in the pantry,

and dog food and woofer snacks too.

Will the power disappear again?

It’s winter in spring in my part of Virginia.

Driving out for Dinner


The Way Out - Untrodden

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Father & Daughter

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Home Fires Burning 2 Cozy Home Fires Burning

Here’s winter now with its first  big snow,

and the dog and I sit beside a cozy hearth side fire

 reflecting on a bygone day of summer fun

 lounging  in  the sun!

Not the Hot SeatCrepe Myrtle in Winter 2

Memories of Summer Barbecues

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Home for Xmas

Wherever I go people ask,

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

And I always answer, “Not quite.”

Always one more thing to do,

one more gift to wrap,

one more cookie to bake,

 one more menu to plan,

one more bed to make,

one more card to send.

Only four more days to go.

Are you ready for Christmas yet?


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Kids Playce

Kids Playce

O.K., I’m walking for good health –  just like the doctor ordered.  Today I was moving more than sitting.  Now I am sitting very still because I’m stiff and creaky and sore.  After all, 10,000 steps is a real milestone right?  Well, I did stop here and there to snap pictures.  And I did stop here and there for a brief rest.  I even stopped in at Curves and did my rounds (for upper body strength) and then collapsed in their easy chair to regain strength for the return walk.   I feel smug indeed.  But, I may never do this again because I may never be able to move again!

Meanwhile, let me share my camera walking “finds” from today’s expedition.

Kids Playce is a children’s playground where I stop to admire what this community has created.  A grand collection of slides and swings and hiding places and mystery make this a playground like no other.  I always took my grandgirls there, even when they were almost ready to leave childhood behind.  It was on their request list.  “Grandma – can we go to the playground puleeze?”  And it’s where they burned off a whole lot of energy.  Me too – just watching.

Kids Playce Playground

Donor Names are On Kids Playce Fence Posts

Donor Names are On
Kids Playce Fence Posts

Just past Kids Playce is a house I always admire – a Victorian beauty the owners have not been afraid to paint in great colors to highlight its storybook lines.  I feel like Alice in Wonderland as I pass by.

Victorian Architecture

Sometimes I wander then, into the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, where the confederate general and his family are all buried.  It’s a city cemetery and my Mom is there too, and my first best friend when we moved here.  So, it’s a sad place, but always lovely and peaceful.  There are red ribbons and flowers now adorning many of the headstones since it is the Christmas season.  And as I looked around today, there stood a little holly tree, full of berries.  It speaks of life even in that solemn place.

Xmas in the Cemetery

And then there was the old tree with its base so gnarled and scarred that I dubbed it The Battle at Wounded Tree!  It too, is a survivor and is probably feeling stiff and sore like me.  Still it grasps at the sky for the sunlight and is beautiful in some ancient way.

Battle at Wounded Tree

Reaching for the Sky

And finally I stagger home with pride and head straight to the medicine cabinet for some Tylenol Extra Strength!  Maybe I will leave the 10,000 steps for once a week?  Or once a month?  We’ll see.

Home Again Home Again

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Clouds Parting for the Sun 1

Parting Clouds

Look up!

What do you see?

I see the clouds parting to let in the sun

because I called it this morning with all my might,

imagining I could catch the light

as it came pouring through the haze.

And the outcome was the joy of wonder

at the transformation to a true blue sky.

Look up!

What do you see?

I see that I have commanded the heavens

and now I am reaching for the clouds.

Clouds Parting for the Sun 2

Reach for the Clouds

Reach for the Clouds

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I know some blogging photographers who take phenomenal shots of the sky in all its phases and iterations, and I am always entranced by their works.  But, aren’t sky views simply a matter of perspective?  I mean really – do you see what I see?  Isn’t that a Christmas song?  Anyway, I may not be the greatest photographer, but who can resist a changing sky – especially early in the morning?


One recent morning I woke up – early.  No applause please.  If you were here, you too would be saying,“Uh Oh – she’s up.”  I’m not what you call pleasant upon early rising.  Fortunately, my husband figured this out soon in our marriage, and avoids me at all costs this time of day.  So much for true love.

But,  on this lovely morning, still half dazed, I saw the sky through the kitchen window. “Just look at that sky!” I thought.  “It’s like a blanket of angora clouds ready to fall down upon our world.  What texture!    What color!  What contrast!”  Was I thinking like a real professional photographer or what?


Admittedly, I was bleary eyed, and seeing things in a vaguely comatose state.  But, continuing my reverie, the sky began its subtle changes and wound up resembling COTTON CANDY!  And of course cotton candy reminded me I was hungry.

Once I have a cup of coffee and something teeny tiny to eat, (like an English Muffin with peanut butter, some fruit, and maybe some cheese, and well,  maybe even something for dessert) I’m the dear sweet person everyone has come to expect.  Call it low blood sugar maybe, but it has always been so.  In fact, it used to make my husband sick if I got up first and tried to make him breakfast.


But to continue – I snapped a few pictures of course – just to give the favorite blogging photographers  (you know who you are) some competition.  Ha!  And then I had my usual lumberjack’s breakfast.  And then my husband felt safe enough to come out from behind locked doors to greet me with his “Oh-Happy-Day” enthusiasm for life.  And once again, love could flourish.  And there is nothing like flourishing under a candy cane sky and a full breakfast!

Here are the results of my bleary-eyed photography, now in a collection I call SKYLIGHTS.
Orange Cloud Cover

Pink Sky Falling 2

Cotton Candy Sky

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