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BigFoot was on the road again.

On the mend again.

Shrunken to a normal size.


And after nearly three years in and out of a Big Boot or hobbling around with a cane or crutches, or gliding on a knee scooter, BigFoot FINALLY started WALKING!

But wait.

There is now a BlueToe on the SkinnyFoot, thanks to a “maintenance visit” for a Podiatrist’s professional pedicure!

I always liked my podiatrist even though he frightened me occasionally with ragged pedicures.

But who am I to question the cutting techniques of an accredited podiatrist?

Note:  Old people tend to elevate doctors to godly pedestals of eternal wisdom.

On this visit the good doctor once again cut a ragged edge and managed a very jagged cut on the SkinnyFoot’s Big Toe.

And this instantly caused a blue spot at the base of the nail.

Ever so politely, I asked, “What is that?”

And the doc said, “You must have stubbed it or something fell on it.  Not to worry, it will heal in time.”

I took him at his word of course even though I knew there was no blue spot when I walked in and I had not stubbed my toe or dropped anything on it.

Old people tend to accept anything a doctor says, particularly if he is wearing a white coat!

And it was only a little blue spot after all.  It would undoubtedly heal with time.

So off I went to PT (Physical Therapy).

And the Physical Therapist immediately gasped and  asked, “Who butchered your toe?”

After hearing my story and since the entire toenail had turned a beautiful blue, she said, “Go see your family doctor ASAP!”

Metallic blue toenails are the “in” thing now.  And that’s how BigFoot’s Big Toe looked….. blue.

Hmmmm.  Do you think I should I go to a salon and get the other nine nails painted to match?

“A good thing you came in,” said my family doctor.  “Looks like a blood blister. It will probably be fine. But watch and come back if you notice red streaks going up the foot or there is swelling or fever.  Also soak the toe in salt water twice a day and apply antibacterial ointment.”

That was two weeks ago.

BigFoot’s Big Toe is still Blue.

Seems to be healing but I am afraid to wear closed toed shoes for fear of aggravating.

Will I lose the nail?  Too soon to tell.

But this much is sure:

I will lose the Podiatrist.


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Yesterday, when I was a kid, females of good taste dressed “to match.”

I was taught  my shoes should match my handbag and never to wear stripes and prints at the same time.  Sporting a floral top with a plaid skirt was strictly taboo!  And even certain colors did not go with other certain colors.  And I suppose hats and gloves had to be coordinated too like during Downton Abbey days.

The point is:  Refined girls used to MATCH.

As you may know, “anything goes” today, but in my early days I followed the rules.

I still try. But, what are the rules anyway?

It took awhile to get used to the seemingly haphazard styles emerging in haute couture, especially among the young who manage to look young regardless.

I try to maintain a semblance of dignity by attempts at conforming to the nonconformists, but habit is habit forming and I  still match things.

That means  wearing a lot of black and white!  You can’t go too wrong with neutrals, and I still aim to be “put together” even at the gym.  Have you seen some of those outfits at the gym?

Luckily there is one area where ladies (and who knows? – men)  are still encouraged to coordinate.

They say it’s o.k. to match up fingers and toes!  

Yes, the world of manicures (manis) and pedicures (pedis) has expanded to include wild colors, designs and sparkles.  But bringing together your feet and your hands is still “in”.

Can you hear my sigh of relief?

How about you?  Do you mix and match your mani-pedis?




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