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No Bikes HereThere is a sign I just can’t resist sharing.

Our guide translated it from German to English:


And beneath the sign………….

Bikes Parked




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I don’t know where “Space Cadet” came from but it defines a person who is “not all there” or “missing a link” and according to the Urban Dictionary, does not relate to the physical world.

I used to be all there – really.

 I could take one look at things and I would know what thing fit inside another thing.  In fact, I was so accurate about measuring “things” that I thought I had special powers.

Like the times I could quickly look at a pile of leftovers and choose exactly the right size container in which to store them (for discarding later).

 I was taught to save leftovers.  Unfortunately no one will eat them here (except for pizza).  But I keep saving them anyway.

Only now I don’t choose the right containers.

 The refrigerator storage boxes are always just a tad too small, so when they don’t fit they have to be washed and I have to try to find the right size again – and sometimes again.

What a lot of work for temporary trash bins.

This brings me to parallel parking.

My friend Nancy at  Not Quite Old  just did a wonderful post on parallel Parking. I recognized myself there for sure and I won’t repeat writing about that embarrassment.  Suffice to say I used to be a pro at parallel parking.

Now I am a space cadet.

Even pulling straight into a parking space is a major challenge!  I have the dents to prove it and I am absolutely terrified of automatic car washes.

You have to fit the tires between those little track things!

And if you get that right, you have to stop the car exactly when it says STOP!  If you don’t do what the sign says, the whole process gets derailed and the person in the car behind you is flipping the finger.

The biggest dents in my car are from car washes – no doubt the result of nervous backing up and going forward and backing up and going forward whilst trying to stay inside the rails!

So far, this warped space perception is the most annoying thing about aging.

It doesn’t hurt or anything like that, but it’s most embarrassing to be perceived as a space cadet.

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