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Starting my day during Covid-19 has its challenges.

Oh, I still rise each morning with a singular goal.  Get dressed. 

This is a short way of saying, “Pajamas may be comfy, but you MUST maintain an element of dignity.”

Even if no one but the UPS man comes to the door, one must be ready.

And so, I gather up an outfit that mostly matches and then head to the bathroom mirror to wash up and “put on my face” as people used to say in earlier years about pancake makeup and polaroid cameras.

I do smooth on a light foundation to fill in roadmap crinkly areas and then  add a bit of blush (to highlight the cheekbones that used to be there) and of course some mascara to bring out the few sparse lashes still clinging to life.  Then there is the final finishing touch – lipstick! 

But Oooops!   I keep forgetting.  The actual finishing touch nowadays is the mask! 

I keep forgetting the mask that covers up:

cheekbones with an added blush of sun,

and lips of coral gloss and glow.

And now each morning I ask myself, “Why?”

  • Why do I continue to make up a face that will be 95% covered by a mask?
  • Who will know me that way anyway?  I have barely left home for 4 months now.
  • Can friends really recognize each other for grocery store chats?

I could just leave my mask on at all times and no one would ever know there are unlipsticked lips underneath.

  • And who would know if the old unmadeup hag under there is smiling or grimacing or sticking out her tongue?

The only sign of emotion might be in the eyes.

I could make up eyes and brows to look surprised all the time or even happy.

But underneath the mask I might be making all sorts of negative grimaces.

Well, “You get my drift,” as they used to say in one of my earlier eras.

Pandemic discoveries I have learned, are about life and living.

And my sage words of wisdom for you today is what I have learned about masking during Covid-19. 

In the end it is not the mask that counts but the person underneath.

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