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Two Little Peach Donuts
Sweet As Can Be

The air sparkled, the sun shed just the right light, greens looked greener,  flowers looked brighter, and the sky was as clear as my computer screen before I start cluttering it up with fonts, formats, inserts, layouts and headings.  It was the most fantastic day to drive over the mountains to Piney River, Virginia and Saunders Brothers Orchard.

On the Road Again

Devil’s Byway

Country Road

Off we went – four eager females in search of the perfect peach.   I was the designated driver, not because I was drinking, but because I like being in control and able to threaten (with walking) any passengers who torment me about taking wrong routes.

So, in preparation for the usual verbal onslaught, I determined to stay calm this trip.  Everybody was talking at once, and LOUDLY, so remaining unruffled was already a challenge, but I was determined not to react.   “Ommmmmm,” I whisper-chanted  to myself as we took on the hairpin curves of a roller coaster road.

Some of my great blogger friends had suggested I use a GPS (Global Positioning System) so as never to be lost again.  So, I asked Bill to help me plug in Saunders’ location on our GPS.   Guess what?  There was no such place listed!  We put in the address, the zip code, city, state. Nada!

Does Saunders Brothers really exist?  I wonder.  In some odd way, if it’s not on the GPS, I think maybe I’m living in another sphere.  The places I know don’t really exist.  And if they aren’t real, maybe I’m not either.  Maybe I only exist in the blogusfear?  “Ommmmmmm.”

Nectarines Too!

But returning to earth, even with only maps and intuition to guide us, we did not get lost this time.  After about an hour of winding road, (and carefully avoiding the Devil’s Route – 666) we came upon Saunders Brothers!  And we hurriedly scurried to the tasting area, which is something like wine tasting only you don’t wind up dizzy.  What a delightful occupation on a perfect morning!  Now if we could only find a vineyard for the wine tasting! Oh yes, and there was ice cream too, and even an antiques area!

But, happiness is a load of fresh Virginia peaches.  And yes, we all came home with more than we planned for and now I am relegated to making  a peach cake and Bill wants peach cobbler too.  Those are good recipes to blog about later.

Oh – and have you ever tasted a Peach Donut?   No – not something to bake, but they are little flat, round peaches that look just like tiny donuts and they’re very sweet! I got some of those too.

It was what I call a Perfect Peach Orchard Outing with only minimal taunting from the crew re my tendency to panic about wrong roads.  The “girls” were loud but patient and somehow refrained from nervous back seat driving and we took the curves with glee, laughing all the way.  We had lunch at a sweet little place in Amherst, Virginia, and wound our way home.  The noise level went down a few notches as we all told stories and memories of the last peach run.

And now I figure I do exist because my stomach hurts from eating too many peaches and it’s time to plan for apples in the fall.

“I’ll drive!”


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Next week we are making our yearly run to Saunders Brothers (Piney River, Virginia) for fresh-from-the-tree peaches!  My friends love heading out of town.  I love the peaches.  I just don’t love getting there.

Saunders Brothers and Dickie Brothers Orchards are our favorite seasonal haunts.  We load up on succulent peaches at Saunders this time of year, and then great apples at Dickie Brothers (Roseland, Virginia) in the fall.


Lost Again

Even though we have been doing this for years, we have a penchant for getting lost en route. Both orchards are over the mountains in the same general direction, via winding roads and byways we forget about from year to year.

Please note the picture of three of us, taken on our first Orchard Outing when I was the driver.  You can tell by the despairing look (I’m in the middle) that we are LOST!  I was distressed. The others thought that was pretty funny.   You can see Peggy comforting me and Monika is literally LOL!  How is it they don’t seem to worry about losing their bearings on car trips?


My Deep, Dark Secret Secret:

In my long-ago childhood, I was always the Designated Navigator in charge of maps on vacation trips, whose duty it was to guide my father along the proper routes.  It was a great honor to be the Designated Navigator (and I was puffed up proud) until I gave him the wrong directions.  This did happen of course, and the results were a lot of yelling and booming frustration from Dad (who was only trying to get us there).  I’m sure he didn’t realize the long-term psychological impact.

How could he possibly know I would turn out to be emotionally destroyed by my own aimless adult driving down unknown roads?  My baby brother escaped this horrible fate (the little brat).


Lost Barn

Lost Pond

But, back to my friends – they are actually very kind and supportive when they aren’t laughing at me.  They offer comforting words like,  “If we hadn’t taken that road Dor, would we have stumbled upon this fabulous crumbling barn?”  And they say other things like,

“What a picture!  Mary Beth’s husband could paint this!”

  “See, there is always an upside to getting lost!”

“And look at this beautiful pond.”

“O.K., so we took Rt. 666 (the Devil’s number) by mistake at the crossroads at Crabtree Falls Road.   We’ll just turn around!”

  “Smile for the camera now!  Try to Smile.” 

Note: We actually did take Rt. 666 one time. It’s a real road.

Next week we will go on our annual trip to Saunders Brothers for peaches.  Once again, I am the driver.  I plan to appoint Monika as the Designated Navigator though, and woe onto her if she gets me lost or laughs out loud!  My camera will record any snickering from her, Peggy or Sandy!

To be continued with Accompanying Photographs as proof of which friends are LOL!

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