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I have a regular walking route through a quiet residential area in town.  Well, at least I USED to have a regular walking route.  Life has presented too many distractions lately with the horrible storm attack.  And immediately thereafter, our son and family paid us one last visit before their permanent move to California.  So I have not taken my walk recently.

I wonder if the old tree and the old shed still stand together.  The storm turned over bigger trees  and crushed sturdier sheds all around our area.

I do love the big tree cozied up to the old storage shed.  It got so close its trunk actually flattened against the walls in a giant hug.  As I stroll by I ponder which will fall first or if they will fall together.   They both seem so very old.

I wonder if people look at my husband and me that way – that old couple still holding each other up.


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