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Because new friends in the knitting group kindly asked about Bill and me, and our history,  I was reminded of a blog post from several years ago that marks our beginnings.

I was seventeen.

I found a summer job right after  high school.   The company put up screen enclosures around swimming pools and I was a “gopher” (go fer this – go fer that) handing out paychecks to the construction workers.  Among them was a handsome, deeply tanned, dark haired fellow named William.

That first day I went home and excitedly reported, “Mom, I met a man – not a boy – a twenty one year old man!  And he looks just like Tony Curtis!”

For those of you too young to know who Tony Curtis was – he was a much beloved movie star with adoring fans.

Tony Curtis

Billy Best Oldie

Do you see a resemblance?

One of these pictures is of the famous film star, Tony Curtis.

The one in uniform is Bill  when I first met him, when he just got out of the U.S. Air Force.

My Dad was from the old school and he referred to Bill as “the bum” because he came calling in flip flops (rubber thong shoes) and a white t-shirt with one sleeve rolled up to hold a pack of cigarettes.

That was the in image of the day, or as they say today, he was “cool” or is it “he was hot?”

My old-fashioned European Dad still believed a man should come courting in white shirt and tie so Bill didn’t live up to parental expectations.

Of course, that didn’t stop us.  We waited three more years before getting married in the local courthouse.

The picture below is of our wedding day and you can see my father’s unhappy stance in the background.

We both went back to our jobs after the wedding, with Bill working nights and attending university during the day.  I was a secretary in a real estate appraiser’s office.


Dad predicted Bill would divorce me after he graduated from college.  But he was so wrong because Bill did graduate, became a civil engineer, eventually  retired, and we have been married now for over 50 years!


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pink cad car

Photo by Kathy Jennings http://www.fineartsamerica.com

Yesterday I made a fruitless trip to town to find “skinny-er” jeans to complement my imagined skinny-er figure.  That illusion died an agonizing death as I tried on six different brands. each in one size smaller, and all of them screaming the same thing, “WHO ARE YOU KIDDING LADY!!!!???”

7401702554_e31ae55aec_zIn need of immediate comfort I went for groceries and added heavy whipping cream and sour cream to the basket.  Did you know if you combine the two in equal parts and let the mix sit uncovered on the kitchen counter for about 4 hours, you will get the most delightful “clotted cream?”

Clotted cream tastes wonderful on just about everything, and particularly on pumpkin pie.  ‘Tis the season after all, but so much for rapid weight loss.

I  dragged on home with the groceries and was just about to relax while clotting the cream when the phone rang.  It was Bill saying, “Hi Darling.  Ooops, I locked my car keys in the gym locker.  Would you mind bringing me the extra key?”

You have undoubtedly guessed Bill went to the gym while I was clotting.  He has a whole lot more will power than I do.  But being the darling wife that I am, I went off to town carrying the extra key to his locker.  “Stuff happens.”  That’s what they say nowadays right?  It used to be “go with the flow.”

Anyway, that made two trips to town and two trips back for my exciting day.  Bill also made a trip to town and a trip back.  Town is about 15 minutes away.  Could that be over an hour driving to and fro?

Did I want to cook dinner?  No.  And Bill, being the darling husband he is (we are sort of sarcastically gushy you know), suggested we eat out.  Another trip to town?

Pink Cadillac Necessary Rooms

Pink Cadillac
Necessary Rooms

No.  We decided to dine at THE PINK CADILLAC.  Hence the photos.

My blogging friend, Cindy, from the wilds of Canada, noted for her Photos from the Loony Bin, actually met Bill and me at the Pink Cadillac not so long ago.  She was with her QT husband Mikey.  They are an adorable couple and we wish they would come back soon.

If Cindy and Mikey stay awhile at the Pink Cadillac they may notice all the pics of old film stars on the walls.  It is almost embarrassing that Bill and I can name all of them.  James Dean, John Wayne, or Elvis Presley, Vivien Leigh, Jimmy Stewart, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry – they are all there.

If you find yourself in my neck-o-the-woods, plan a stop that will take you back in time to a 1950’s diner called The Pink Cadillac where looking at the walls is a joyful way to wait for your Elvis burger and fries!

And be sure to let me know when you’re coming huh?  I’ll meet you at The Pink Cadillac!

pink cadillac front

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