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There’s a restaurant at the south end of  Main Street, just before you head into town.  It has been there the whole 24 years we have lived here and maybe 24 years before that.   It used to be almost the only choice for dining out.  The menu  has not changed in all that time either.  It’s basically a local watering hole where friends meet and greet and take time to enjoy good food and good visits. So why change a good thing?

I stopped by to pick up a newspaper when a car alarm went off in the parking lot and a young woman jumped up and ran out to a very sporty sports car.   Here’s the conversation I overheard among the local country folks watching her from the inside:

Who locks their cars around here anyways?”

“Foreigners maybe.”

She must be from New York.  Only New Yorkers lock their cars”

“ Yep, Has to be from New York.”

 “Figures it’s a woman huh?”

“Think she’s moving here?”

“Probably one of those Northerners.  Yanks always buy two horses and build a house  on a hill.” 

“Yeah, then a big storm comes and they can’t get out of the driveway.”

“Maybe she’ll move to Florida instead.”

“Must be from New York.”

The odd thing is, my husband (originally from New York) and I built a house on a hill, adopted two horses and two dogs,  and then had to get a vehicle with 4-wheel drive to cope with winter storms.  The difference is, we never moved to Florida because we found Camelot right here.

Smiling, I finished paying for my paper and left the restaurant.  Something told me to look at the license plate of the lady’s car.

Sure enough, the woman was from New York.

Country Tip for City Dudes:

–         If you move South in the U.S. for the rural life,  be prepared to enjoy local commentary and smile.


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