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Underwood TyperI forgot how interesting it is to go antique shopping.

There are two giant antique “malls” in this part of Virginia and I joined my niece just before Christmas at one of them.  She was on a search for a stunning pill box of yore.  No little plain plastic dispenser for Judy.  Nope. This one had to be a silent film star’s original gem encrusted stunner.

We didn’t find one but I had forgotten how much fun it is to browse through the old things I actually recognize as relics of my own childhood infancy.  And of course there is also the adventure in discovering unique personal gifts for special people.

Dor’s 2015 New Year’s Resolution:  Shop for Christmas gifts at antique stores!

To elaborate on this resolution, I have decided the search in 2015 will include rambling visits down Virginia country roads and byways where there may be real one-of-a-kind antique/collectible treasures.

And getting out and around with new camera and zoom lens in tow will only add to the pleasure.  These excursions will be charming respites from big box store shopping and holiday chaos.  Toy Farm Truck

Oh, how I love anything collectible!

Or is it “Oh, how I love anything antique?”

What’s the difference anyhow?

Several owner/dealers told me this:

It used to be that an object over 100 years old was considered antique. But now, anything from the 1950’s on back is in the antique category.

Uh oh!  I wonder if that applies to people too.

Please let it be known that I think I prefer to be designated as a COLLECTIBLE which is defined as a thing that is less than 100 years old and is possibly an antique of the future.

My old friend, Viola (a country woman with guts and bravado) made antique stores her only venues for beloved (or White Elephant) gifts that were never returned or re-gifted since they were usually bowls or plates  she expected to see when she visited our homes. antique crystal bowl

Shirley Temple Pitcher

But FYI and if you’re really interested, Per Ye Olde Faithful, Wikipedia:

“An antique is defined as an old collectible item.

It is desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility,

personal emotional connection, and/or other unique features.

It is also an object that represents a previous era or time period in human society.” 

For an exceptional listing of various antique stores and antique malls in Virginia, visitwww.antiquemalls.com.

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