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View from the MRI Waiting Room

View from the MRI Waiting Room

You will be happy to know the swollen-foot-MRI was a survivable experience with my head outside the tube, permission to move anything but the “bum foot,” and a set of headphones to muffle the rock, rattle and roll of the big magnet.

Listening to Frank Sinatra crooning didn’t put me to sleep but the MRI’s grinding sounds ebbed and Frank came in with “I love you” as part of a song I don’t remember.  Ahhhhhh.

And the more I listened, the easier went the MRI.  I figured each song was about 3 minutes long and they said the ordeal would only last a half hour.  I was counting down and even though the whole thing took closer to an hour, “I am woman. I am strong.”  I survived even though my hands and the good leg were involuntarily twitching toward the end.

Bill Waiting in the Waiting Room

Bill Waiting in the Waiting Room

That was yesterday, and the results were already in today!

Would you believe there is a relatively uncommon syndrome out there only recognized by an MRI machine?  Talk about modern technology!

The fact is, a machine can now diagnose you with something your doctor never heard of!  Really.

In fact, doctors do not routinely ask the MRI to even check for this syndrome, but the MRI checks it anyway.  And most doctors don’t know much about it.  In fact, it seems, nobody knows much about it.

So, sure enough, I have it – this very strange mystery malady.

My family doctor called today and

he said

the MRI said,

“You have Bone Marrow Edema.”

“O.K., What is THAT?” I asked.

“Good question,” he said,  “I don’t know.”  He is a very honest doctor.

The next step therefore is to visit either an orthopedics specialist or a podiatrist.

From my Google searches:  There is a possibility I could self-heal in six months to two years with the help of an immobilizing boot.

The other upside is I have already become a smooth go-cart driver in the big stores!  This is better known as advanced planning.

And today an oversized man-elf worker at Lowe’s followed me around, carried the big wireless hedge trimmer I got for Bill, waited until I checked out, and then put the thing in my car!   I was Queen for a DayMinute and hope to have other such charming experiences.

There must be other upsides to this sneaky BME syndrome.

I kinda wish I had opted for a Cat Scan though, instead.






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Peanuts Cartoon

Peanuts Cartoon – From http://www.thecuriousbrain.com

I know.  I already told you about my swollen foot.

It is a case that should be included in the television show, Mystery Diagnosis.

But since a mildly swollen foot is admittedly a bit boring, don’t worry, it  is not really the subject of this blog post.

It goes deeper than that. “It goes down deep…layer after layer after layer!”

One of the tests they did was to check circulation via a sonogram.  Although I lay upon the table worrying, the technician went about her business and kept smiling.   And I thought, “How cruel to keep one in suspense and grin about it.”

But I liked her cheerful attitude and painful as it was to erase the worry lines from my forehead, I dutifully grinned back.

Technicians are usually secretive and unwilling to share information, but Leigh was different.

With a great big smile she said,

“You have BEAUTIFUL veins!”

Huh?  Really?

“In the business, that’s what we call them, and you have beautiful juicy veins.”

My friends, are you listening?  I HAVE BEAUTIFUL JUICY VEINS!

She went on to say there are many people who have skinny, narrow little veins with inhibited blood flow.

I was no longer really listening but was smiling smugly.

And all the way home I smiled smugly and laughed out loud too.

Now, in the looking glass I see the usual old-er, less than star quality image.  But I just have to remember this.

I have BEAUTIFUL veins!

And Mom was right again.

Beauty is only skin deep.

I  just wish I had a copy of that sonogram!

From Yahoo.com – a definition by Duude:

“Beauty is only skin deep” refers to the outward beauty of a person. Of course, we must realise that a person can be beautiful on the inside. Such a person is often referred to as a ‘lovely’ person. However, when we refer to something beautiful we are usually referring to that something’s outward appearance. What the phrase tries to emphasise is that the outward appearance of a person counts for nothing, but it is what lies beneath the skin, the actual person him/herself is what really matters. 

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The Top of My Hospital

The Top of My Hospital

We are approaching the end of a week.


This week has been just chock full of exciting things.

I have been visiting my local hospital so often it is beginning to feel downright homey.

View from My Hospital's Parking Lot

View from My Hospital’s Parking Lot

I am also feeling popular, kindly and easily approachable..

Every time I go in for a test I meet some old fella (well maybe about my age) who immediately starts talking and tells me his whole life story including all current anatomical deficiencies.  It is more than I wish to know of course but I lend a sympathetic ear and nod and ooh and ahh in the right places.

I know you would like to hear why I have been visiting the hospital so often.  And since the hospital buddies/admirers never ask about MY reasons for being there, you are the unfortunate recipients of this sad tale of woe.

It all started with a swollen foot.  I think I told you about that about two weeks ago.

It ended with a tooth extraction.

And the swollen foot is still swollen.

I am finding it difficult to sort this all out too.  But here is an attempt.

I did go to my primary doctor about the foot.

“Should I baby it Doctor?”  “Or should I walk through it and exercise it away?”

“I won’t know that until I know what caused it,” said he.

And he promptly scheduled:

  • A blood test to rule out gout.   Nope, no gout.
  • An Echocardiogram to rule out heart.  Nope, heart’s just fine.
  • A sonogram to rule out a clot. Nope, no clot.
  • An X-ray to rule out a break or fracture.  Nope, no breaks or fractures.

None of these appointments could be scheduled on the same day – hence, the multiple hospital visits and the ever growing number of male acquaintances and their autobiographies.

About this time a back molar tooth (mine) became sensitive to pressure!

Then it began to really hurt non-stop.

That meant a trip to the dentist who said it was a bad tooth and had to come out ASAP.  He referred me to a tooth pulling specialist with a fancy name like Oral Maxillofacial Surgery.

And so yesterday I had an extraction there.  That means they yanked the offensive tooth right out!

I will not beleaguer you with details about that horror-fying experience, but the extractor person accomplished the deed  in 30 minutes.  Fortunately, Bill went along for the ride and was there to catch me as I staggered out.  He was my life-saver-hero who literally let me cry on his shoulder! That was yesterday and when the shakes wore off there was no pain and no pain since.

Note:  Next time I will request total anesthesia, gas, PUT ME OUT COLD PLEASE!

That brings me back to the swollen foot which is still swollen!

Now the doctor is talking about a possible MRI for the foot – not the tooth.

And while I wait, Bill purchased a glamorous set of hotpink and black lace-up, sturdy, walking shoes for me.  Ahh, I know it’s not a fur coat or diamonds, but I am hero worshipping anyway.

Bill Got Me Some New Shoes!

Bill Got Me Some New Shoes!



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