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Whiteout View

Look at the whiteout!

There is a new storm coming.

Five cell phone Warnings came this morning,

and even more emails.

I  avoided the grocery store.

Who wants to risk drowning in starving crowds?

Forecasters call for rain, sleet, snow,  mostly snow,

maybe ice;

some say the heaviest snow yet.

Water buckets are filled.

It’s a habit really.

Mom used to fill the bathtub.

Is there really a storm coming?

Only the dove knows for sure.



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I See You Lovey DoveI love doves!

They are either morning or mourning

but in any case, rather shy.

What a privilege to look this Lovey Dove in the eye.

He seems to be saying, “May I please come in?”

Darling Dove

A Dove's Outlook

A Dove’s Outlook

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