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I never expected to be skipping along or roller skating or even running from a potential bear attack after hip replacement surgery. I did hope however

  • to be more mobile
  • to be able to carry laundry from the hamper to the washing machine
  • to get down on the floor to play with Elsa-the-Dog
  • to stand long enough to peel six cucumbers for cucumber salad and not feel exhausted
  • to walk without a limp or a gimp
  • to wear pretty little shoes to accentuate my pretty little feet.
  • And more.

Such is life however, that after a total right hip replacement done July 16th none of those wishes came true.

Oh, the right hip is pain-free! Let me tell you, it is a miracle of modern medicine. I consider it my “good leg” now! Kudos to my cute young surgeon who did an exemplary job.

I LOVE my right hip now. And I LOVE my cute young surgeon even though I wouldn’t recognize him on the street.

The problem though is my LEFT leg! The BigFoot leg. The one that had been causing problems since 2015.

Maybe in the process of preparing for the right hip replacement surgery, I forgot about BigFoot?

And now that the right hip is happy, my brain needed to send out reminders that all is not well on the other side.

At any rate, I am still gimpy.

The family doc said he is thrilled at my progress “considering your age and underlying factors.” Not flattering but probably true.

Why didn’t anyone warn me about the great bowl of perilous problems that arrive uninvited with the onslaught of age?

Ah well. “Such is life,” said my once aging Mom who transferred all her wisdom to me except her secrets for aging with a smile.

I will see my cute young surgeon for the last time this month. I met him once before surgery when we talked for about 20 minutes. Then I saw him through a haze as I was awakening from the operation. The extent of our conversation at that time was him saying, ‘You have a brand new hip.” He had a mask on so I am not sure it was really him.


The next and last visit (unless I get knee surgery on BigFoot) will be an opportunity for another 20 minute conversation. WilI I then recognize my cute young surgeon on the street? Doubtful.

But the goal now is to walk normally. Bill went out and bought me a full length mirror to lean on a door at the end of a long hall. I can see myself coming if not going and try to correct my gait.

“Practice makes perfect” but Bill says ,”You still walk like a duck!”

Such is life and the miracles of modern medicine.


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Stonewall Jackson1

Thomas Johnathon Jackson
“Stonewall” – from Wikipedia

How to Move and Blog at the Same Time

If  Thomas Johnathon “Stonewall” Jackson could do it, so can I.  Yes, I will perfect the art of the Standing Blog.   At least that’s my new, New Year’s resolution for 2013.

You see, Stonewall, although considered somewhat strange during his own lifetime (and sometimes during ours), actually had some sensible solutions to living a better life.  He was not a blogger of course, but he was a professor at the Virginia Military Institute, and then he was a Civil War general – the right hand man of Robert E. Lee.

I was a docent at his house for over six years, and got to know him well through his furniture. The fact is, he’s not around anymore.  He died on May 10, 1863, having been shot  by his own men in friendly fire.   And he was only 39 years old!

Back Jackson House & Kitchen Garden

The Stonewall Jackson House
Back Entrance and Kitchen Garden
Lexington, Virginia

Getting to know a historical figure through his furniture could be considered an odd way to get to know a fellow, but consider this.  He slept on a rope bed.  When the mattress began to sag, he could just tighten the ropes (hence, the saying, “Sleep tight.”) and he worked at a standing desk.  Do these things speak to you as they do to me?

“Odd,” you say?  Why, I saw a treadmill desk on television, which has just been invented to keep us up and moving .  I know if Jackson were alive, he would heartily approve.  But he lived in a time of wood stoves for cooking and candles for light.  A standing desk?  Wow!  There were no electronics then, but the guy was truly ahead of his time.  Wonder how he managed without a smart phone anyway!

He also sucked lemons and I’m sure his troops stood in awe.  But how astute is that?  Lemons are high in Vitamin C and  prevent scurvy.  In fact a lemon a day might have kept me from catching the flu this year.  But I digress.  I am still too weak (no longer hallucinating though) to traipse into the Jackson House for a picture of  his desk, but I do recall it came apart for easier transport (much like modular furniture today – the kind you get at mega stores).

The Design of the Human Body

Anyway, old Stonewall was not far off.  Modern medicine experts claim that sitting is the worst thing we can do to ourselves.  The human body was not designed for prolonged sitting.  I swear, I just heard that on t.v. medical news today.  That’s why some brilliant fella invented the treadmill desk.  I want one of those for sure.

Meanwhile, since I am recovering from the flu (having not had enough lemons to ward it off), I will remain seated at my sitting desk and try to remember to stand up long enough to restore momentary circulation.

By the way if you are interested, legend has it that old Stonewall sat astride his horse with one arm raised (his) in the air and the other arm (his) straight down at his side.  Why?  He thought it would improve his circulation!  Are you laughing?

Not me.  If Stonewall Jackson could do it, so can I. I will perfect the art of the Standing Blog!   That’s my resolution for 2013.  Now if I can just find a standing desk!

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