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From magnetproject.wikispaces.com

From magnetproject.wikispaces.com

Magnets are fascinating!

I remember little girl games played for hours with a simple magnet purchased at the local five and dime.  My little brother and I would experiment to see what kinds of things it would suck up.  Would it magnetize pins through a piece of paper?  How many nails or paper clips could it hold at once?

And now magnets are everywhere.  There is one in my purse that snaps shut to hold a cell phone and a bunch of magnetic things on the refrigerator too.

And how about  jewelry like bracelets, necklaces with magnetic clasps, and even therapeutic magnetic jewelry to end depression and cure arthritis?

 I even have some magnetic earrings.

They hold together all the way through my delicate

(un-pierced) virgin ear lobes!

And Executive Toys are here to stay for grownups who have nothing productive to do at work.  I gave one of those games to my boss once and hinted for a raise.  I don’t think he got the hint though.

Executive Magnet Desk Toy from www.Amazon.com

Executive Magnet Desk Toy from http://www.Amazon.com


Magnets are still fascinating though, and guess what I am going to do on Thursday (for my mystery foot diagnosis)!

I am going to Roanoke, Virginia for an M R I !!!!!

MRI Machine from science.howstuffworks.com

MRI Machine from

That stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.


All that modern technology stuff  has to be a hoax and an MRI is probably only a great big magnet!

This is worrisome because there are three metal plates and six metal pins in my right ankle from an old break.  Obviously, all that metal is major suck-up material for a big old magnet right?

It doesn’t matter they will be trying to get a view of the left foot and ankle (referred to as the “lower left extremities”).

And does anybody care that my whole body

(and all its extremities)

may be slurped up, into, or onto a giant magnet?

And  never to be pried loose again!

If I should survive, however, you may be sure there will be a progress report on what happens when an MRI Machine Meets a Magnetic Personality.

Stay tuned…..


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