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Beautiful Rozie 4-2011


Bill and I have been crying off and on all day. 

She gave up even as the needle helped her on her way

 to a forever slumber.


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Terry Relaxing

Terry was my boss.  It seems like a long time ago.  It was.  It was 35 years ago.  We worked together at a national association for printers.

Our friendship began then.

He had a way of turning worries into hopes and office blahs into happy occasions.   Terry always stood out.  Some people are like that – unforgettable.

If you met him only once you would remember and smile.  And everyone around him wound up laughing and  recognized there was a light that surrounded him.  And you would remember his energy and his kindness.

As we worked together, he encouraged me to write for membership development and promotion.  And then he plopped me  into managing international meetings.  These were big ego boosting callings for a housewife-just-returned-to-the-work-force.  He introduced me to self confidence and it was like throwing a fearful swimmer into deep water and yelling from the sidelines, “You can do it!.”  I thought I would drown but I didn’t.

After  eight years, Terry decided to leave the association in favor of setting up his own consultancy.  At his Farewell Party, I remember saying, “This is a sad day as we go our separate ways.  We will probably never cross paths again.”  And he answered, “Nope.  I predict our friendship will last into old age.”

Barbie, Terry, Bill, Dor and Suzanne 1989

Barbie, Terry, Bill, Dor and Suzanne 1989

Terry, Suzanne and Anna Banana

Terry, Suzanne and Anna Banana

Nagi-Us 2006

Suzanne all grown, Bill, Dor, Barbie standing and Terry

And he was right.  Terry, his wife Barbie, and his daughter, Suzanne, stayed our close friends for the next 27 years!

They visited often and time rushed by through my son’s and their daughter’s growing up years.  And even when my husband and I moved here to the Shenandoah Valley and Terry and his family remained in Washington, DC, they came to visit.  We would all sit on the deck in the evenings sharing memories and laughter, or around the Christmas tree or the table.

We had a contest called “Who can give the worst gift?”  Some of the offerings were hilarious.  It began with the Ape swimming pool float I gave them.  He named it Anna Banana, and went on from there.  I remember the pink plastic flamingos they gave us to line the front walk.

Nagi Family

The last time Terry and his sweet family were here was in late October 2012.  He wanted to come again after that.  But, Terry died April 10, 2013 and I have been trying to write about our 35 years of friendship ever since.

Xmas 04 Terry Antlers

Terry with Awful Hat Gift To Him
and Awful Elk with Antlers to Us

He was a dear friend.

When I think of  him, I hear echoes of the song, Unforgettable.

Unforgettable, that’s what you are Terry, and you are sorely missed.

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Buried Words

Terry - Cheers

Cheers Terry
My Mentor, My Friend

I have lost.

And the loss is painful.

I am missing the urge to write

and the words are buried.

My friend,

my mentor,

is dead

but still speaking to me

through old memories.

I will come back.

I promise.

When the tears subside.

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