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My “to-do” lists are created in all seriousness, with all-serious intentions.

But creating a list is not always the same as fulfilling it.

This was yesterday’s list:

  • Get gas in the car. O.K., so I forgot.  Will get it tomorrow.
  • Mail that bill.  Forgot.
  • Remember to take a cooler bag with ice packs for perishable purchases. Forgot the cooler.
  • Stop at the drugstore for allergy meds and eyedrops. Sent Bill (short for “William.”)
  • Shoe store for comfort sandals. No time.
  • Haircut. Managed that.
  • Gym for a mild workout. Too tired.
  • Stop at the real grocery store for real food.  Sent Bill.
  • Stop at the produce market for fun things that taste good like local peaches and tomatoes. Managed that.
  • Don’t forget to put all that in the cooler bag. No cooler bag.  Drove home fast.
  • Take pictures along the way.  Nope.  Taking time would make the peaches go bad.
  • Visit with people you meet.  Of course.

Somehow I did not feel particularly productive on this day.

But after all the groceries (peaches and tomatoes) were put away, I took a little walk.

No list.

Just a walk.

And  how about this all-in-one list of fulfilled to-do’s?

  • A 30 minute walk added EXERCISE.
  • Thirty minutes in sunshine for VITAMIN D3.
  • Thirty minutes of fresh air in beautiful rural Virginia!
  • STOP-AND-GO PHOTO OPS for next blog post.
  • And, I pulled at least 5 weeds and thinned one zinnia bed in the front garden.



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Every now and then I forget that I am now elderly passing my teen years, and no longer Super Woman.

 I wake up with plans.    Superwoman 1

This was one of those days.

I had big plans.

But first,

I needed to get a fasting blood test.

No, I am not sick.  At least I don’t think so.  I don’t remember Super Woman ever having a sick day do you?

The test is in preparation for an upcoming yearly physical.  An aging body (even a super body) needs a check up now and then.

So a visit to Dracula down at the lab was first priority.

My Super Woman To Do List looked like this:

    1. Pre-Dawn – Laundry and misc. household chores.
    2. 8:30 AM – Get fasting blood test.  Argh!

3.       Pick up cleaning.

4.       Drop off donation bag to Habitat.

5.       Get gas before car stops without braking.

6.       Farmers’ Market – Healthy Veggies to maintain “super” status.

7.       Pet store – Food for Super-Dog-Rozie!

8.       Vet – Pick up Dog’s anti-anxiety pills and cancel teeth.

9.       Get home by 10 AM for house and window cleaning.


Zip!  I was up at 6 AM.

Did two loads of laundry, dried, folded and put away.  How super can a woman get?

Fixed Rozie-the-Dog’s breakfast.

  • Unloaded dishwasher.  Yes, I know how lucky I am and they didn’t have dishwashers 100 years ago.
    • Laid out supplies for window washing and house cleaning. This is harder than it sounds.
    • Dressed.   (At my age, dressing can be counted as a chore).
    • Got list, keys, purse, and body into the car!  Off and running at 8:30 AM!
    • Gassed up en route and dropped off the donations. Kudos please!
    • Dracula took the blood and Super Woman was still on a roll!
    • Next the vet – got Rozie’s pills and “cancelled teeth.”  Oh, I neglected to explain Rozie was due for a teeth cleaning but Super Woman and Super Man backed out.  The dog is old.  She’s 14.  They said she could not have breakfast.  There would be anesthesia.  How could we do that to her?   Hence – “cancelled teeth.”
    • Pet store and cleaners were still closed at 9:00AM.  Tomorrow is another day.
    • People prescription – Check.
    • Farmer’s Market – Forgot and drove on by.
    • Super Woman flagging – not trying to stop cars or entice strangers – flagging as in failing.
    • Home.
    • Breakfast.
    • Nap.

10 AM – Super Woman is exhausted.

Remainder of the Day:  Unproductive

End of Super Woman’s Old Age Adventure Story

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