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Gathering Storm

I admit it.  I am terrified of storms, especially storms with lightning and loud thunder!  I never used to be so paranoid.  It may be one of those down sides to country living.

Did you know thunder storms are louder when there are no houses around?   This is true. And it sounds even more thunderous and aggressive when it roars through a valley between two mountain ranges.

We live on the top of a hill!  (Sitting Ducks really)  Doesn’t lightning strike at the highest point?

Well, our next door neighbor lives on a higher hill.  That gives me hope, but here we sit on our respective hills – waiting.

But at the first sign of a storm I run around the house unplugging things, turning off overhead fans, closing windows, and removing rings and watches, locating candles, oil lamps and flashlights.  Between flashes and thunder claps I gasp and run in and out of rooms in sheer panic.  Then I head for our closet!

I spend a lot of storm time cloistered among shoes and hanging things.  The noise is somewhat muffled there.

I used to blame our Golden Retriever, Peaches, for those closet stays.  She probably caught the fright from her pawrent because at the first rumble of thunder she would begin to shake.  Maybe it was because she saw me begin to shake.  At any rate, we both always wound up in the closet to wait things out.

Helpful hint for frightened dogs: 

If a storm is pending, rub the fur down with a dryer sheet. 

It will reduce static electricity and at least the dog’s hair won’t stand on end. 


We lost Peaches to old age and now I spend lonely vigils in the closet.  Bill refuses to admit there is even a storm in progress.  Oh, every now and then he will loom up and ask, “Are you o.k.?”  He obviously does not understand storm terror.

Tonight is one of those nights.  We are in the first severe thunder storm of the summer season.  I have already heard the wind, hail and brutal thunder.  And now there is torrential rain.  Fortunately I have a laptop (unplugged and running on battery).  This message comes to you from the closet.

If I survive….. to be continued…..




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Lightning Strike SkinPattern

This is what happens to human skin when it’s struck by lightning!
It’s called a Lichtenberg figure – the branching pattern made by electricity as seen on the arm of Winston Kemp who was struck by lightning.

I received this in an Email but found the source at


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