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Mom Notes

Some of Mom’s Notes in Her Own Hand

This  Weekly Photo Challenge is “letters.”  I immediately thought of  Mom who died 21 years ago.  I didn’t quite understand why but I could never part with the little card notes she used to attach to gifts.  They were always clever little mini-letters that had special meanings.  Over the years I finally realized the notes were my mother’s messages of love.  Each  refers to some important phase of my life, some special thing I was yearning for, some incident or occasion that must have seemed all important to me at the time.   I do not recall  the phases or the occasions or even what the presents were, but the letters turned out to be the real gifts.

Are you wondering who Dorf is?  

When my new little brother was learning to talk he called me Dorfy instead of Dorothy.  

That morphed into “Dorf” and that has always been my nickname in the family.




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