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From Style Weekly

From Style Weekly

Picture this:  The entire floor you are standing on is a trampoline!

And the urge to jump is compelling.

And Oh My! Bouncing is downright fun.

Trampoline jumping isn’t new of course, but extreme trampoline jumping is growing ever more popular across the country.

Somehow this kind of bouncing around is considered healthy exercise and it certainly looks like a whole lot of fun.

Since this blog is called “Virginia Views”, I thought you might like another eye view of Virginia.

There is this place in Richmond called Jumpology.  And it’s a happy place for kids or grownups (depending upon just how grown up) to leap around and play on over 8,000 square feet of connected world class trampolines.  Who knew?

Now if I could only get a group of seniors together who think they are still juniors, I might even give Jumpology a try (no cameras allowed of course).  

The whole idea of doing weightless somersaults like the astronauts is rather appealing.

Maybe with a defibrillator on hand they would sponsor a Senior Jump-In that’s done sitting down and where participants are urged to crawl onto the trampoline floor.

From Richmond.com

From Richmond.com

But if you are legitimately young-enough-to-make-a-fool-of-yourself, here is what is featured at Jumpology:

  • OpenJump.  That means you can hop up and down on over 50 trampolines through a pit of multicolored foam blocks, and play basketball and dodge ball in basketball and dodge ball  areas in the arena.  Whoa!
  • JumpJam is when the lights go out and the lasers come on!  I suppose the whole thing is repeated in a kind of dizzying lightworks display accompanied by very loud music.
  • Could there be more?  Of course.
  • There’s a school jump, family jumps, theme nights, special needs nights, fund raisers, corporate team events, and of course, birthday parties. 
  • But “woe is me,” there is no Senior Jump-in!

Can exercise really be this much fun?

The answer is obvious from the popularity of such extreme trampoline jumping parks.

If you get the chance to stand upon a floor that isn’t really solid, let me know how that feels, o.k.?

Some things it is true, are better left untried for those with no balance and creaky bones – that is, unless we can round up enough of us to book the park for a Senior Blogger Jump-In!






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