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CONGRATULATIONS  to Judy of  A Daily Thought who has just received The Inspiring Blog Award!  She is a new cyberspace friend and I absolutely adore her blog.  If I could give her the award twice, I would do so.   She is quick, fun, funny, innovative, informative, and Definitely Inspiring.

To make matters even better, Judy listed me to receive that award too.  Wow! Thanks Judy!  Having learned about it this morning I staggered around feeling totally inadequate, unable to think straight enough to give a coherent reply to register extreme gratitude.  If you haven’t guessed, I am not a happy morning person until coffee and sustenance.

The rules are also to nominate seven other bloggers who inspire.  Seriously, I could name 70.  But here are eight (Ha! Breaking a rule!) of top-of-the-list recommendations.  These are fabulous, fascinating bloggers who are extremely inspirational , worth a look and even a deep read:

Comments from Cathy

An Observant Mind

Writing for Daisies

Newfoundland Traveller 

Photos from the Loony Bin

Apronhead Lilly 

The Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife

Before Morning Breaks

Now seven things about me I never revealed online before:

  1. Perfect Purse Seeker – Looking for the perfect purse since childhood.  Maybe there is no such thing as light weight, single handled, cross strapped, feet on bottom, outside pockets for sunglasses and glasses, an easy to find place for a pen, wide enough, deep enough, the right color……..
  2.  Neat Freak – I am a total neat freak if you are surface-looking, but don’t open drawers or closets – please!
  3. Avoid Mirrors – I avoid mirrors unless absolutely necessary.  Would rather have a murky lake to look into that would blur the image. Please don’t ask me to go on Skype!
  4. Love Dogs – Probably listed that before (love breaking rules!).  There has been a pup in my life ever since I can remember.  There is a dog at my feet even now.
  5. Avoid the Kitchen – Friends think I am a gourmet cook but I fool them with extremely simplistic recipes that are time-tested winners.  I actually avoid the kitchen whenever possible.  Kitchens and Mirrors are depressing.
  6. Love to Write –  Give me a subject – any subject – and I will write about it.  It’s an addiction.  Is there a cure for this?
  7. Hate Public Speaking – Making any kind of speech leaves me paralyzed, sweating profusely, staggering to the podium and holding my notes in quaking fingers.  Is there a cure for this?

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