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Babe n Pete

Babe is “in the pink” halter. Pete’s is green.


This morning I went strolling around the little town of Lexington, Virginia and was pleasantly surprised to meet up with Pete and Babe.

They were getting a bath!

Normally I would not wish to intrude upon such a private activity, but horses are always irresistible and they did not seem to mind.

These two are part of The Lexington Carriage Company who carry tourists around town and offer their services for weddings and other splendid events.

Hay Pete - Are you o.k. with this Bath thing?

Hay Pete – Are you o.k. with this Bath thing?

From their website:

 The Lexington Carriage Company offers an intriguing way to explore the rich history of this 19th century college town, slowed to the pace and rhythm of hoof-beats.   During this fully narrated tour, your horse-drawn carriage will take you past many historic places of interest including:

  • The Stonewall Jackson House
  • Lee Chapel
  • Washington and Lee University
  • Virginia Military Institute
  • The Lee house 
  • Historic residential district dating from the 1820’s to the 1880’s
  • Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery and Jackson’s Tomb 

Next time you are in my “neck o the woods” be sure to pay a visit to Pete and Babe, and let them take you for a ride!

Lexington Carriage Co

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