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Dog on Houseboat

They seemed to be permanently docked houseboats.

We walked along the river and noticed rusty old tubs that looked as though they had been used for commerce in their better days.  Upon closer look I noticed lace curtains in the windows and potted plants along the decks.  There were mailboxes ashore too and places for garbage pickup.

Then I thought I had the perfect shot of a big old white-faced dog on one of those boats.

He was looking at us through the center of a life preserver ring.

But, by the time my camera was positioned, the big guy moved aside and began barking.

He did not want to have his picture taken and did not approve of foreigners.

As the Germans say,

“Learn to complain without suffering!”

That pup was definitely complaining, German style, but we meant him no harm.


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Walking through the historic town of Lexington, Virginia I see so many beautiful homes.

Is that Tara

This is one I glimpsed through foliage.

I thought it looked like a miniature modern day version of Tara.

And I dredged up images of Southern gallantry.

And I was transported to the age of elegance

before the winds of war took their toll.

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Do you remember the post about a Mystery Building across the highway from me?

It started with a lot of concrete with a dirt roof and domes and exhaust pipes and smoke stacks.

I could not imagine what it would be.  Mystery Bldg Being Buried 2

That started a game of guesses and here are some wild ideas that came in from my blogger friends:

A Grain Storage Building

A Jail

An Insane Asylum

A Smoke House

A Bunker for a Nuclear Holocaust

A Data Storage Facility

A Fortified Business Office

A Crematorium

A Hideaway for an Evacuated President

An Outlaw Hiding Place

Mystery Bldg Taking ShapeA Contemporary Hurricane Fortified House

A Smokehouse for Virginia Country Hams

An Overground Underground Radio Station

A New Apple Store

I loved all the wild guesses.

Then, my neighbor, Phebe, could bear the tension no longer.  She did exactly as a blogger suggested and went over with a plate of cookies to ask the big question, “What is this place anyway?”  And the answer was………

A Private Residence

Mystery House Complete

Mystery House Completed

The home is now complete and I thought you might like to see it.  Only the front is above ground and the whole thing faces south.   It is built into a hillside and the roof is covered with dirt.  Grass is beginning to grow there and a horse, piglets and goats are pastured nearby.   The domes and smokestacks remain visible.  Although looking at this dwelling still defies explanation, I believe the underground plan was designed to  help with costs for heating and cooling.

One day, my friend and I will go over with another plate of cookies and ask for a tour.

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