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It’s Friday and the sane people in my life are recording normal weeks.

How I envy you all y’all.

Well, my own week started off nicely with a dog visitor who earned a place in our hearts in about five minutes.

Then a friend and I went exploring around Clifton Forge way in Virginia.  And that was fun too.


 Mid-week was UPGRADE-TO-HDTV-TIME and my excitement knew no bounds.  That’s “High Definition Television” in case you do not deal in initials.  Anyway, I was looking forward to a clearer, brighter, more magnificent television picture.

Isn’t technology grand?

A nice Direct TV man named Joe arrived and trotted around from room to room, messing with the the grandgirls’ little sets in the back, then messing with the big television in Bill’s secret lair, and finally getting to my just-the-right-size set.   When Joe was done, all sets were in brilliant High Definition.  Could life’s little upgrades be this simple?  Ha!

A Dark Television

black tv

Joe was gone about an hour when Bill’s big television went dark.  Blank.  Totally unresponsive.  Did we do something wrong?  No.  Bill simply left the set on, was away for a few minutes and when he returned there was no television access.

No DVD Access

In that same hour, I lost all DVD capability on my just-the-right-size set.  Never mind watching a Netflix disc.

And unbelievably, more casualties were vying for attention:

The radio in the car went dead.  Huh?

Bill’s Krazy Kindle lost its internet connection,

and our smart stupid home phones went into answering machine mode

while we were saying “Hello.”


Back to the HDTV problem – We spent hours looking at wires, talking, analyzing, comparing, arguing, studying, and finally calling for help.  In other words we were sagging with nervous exhaustion.

You can guess that we called the company to COME BACK – PLEASE COME BACK!




This morning a very nice HDTV man named Jody arrived.

  • He took one look at the back of Bill’s big set and said, “Your power cord is not attached.”  He attached it and everything works fine.  Brilliant picture!  Hurrah!
  • Then Jody took one look at the back of my set and said, “Your DVD player is not attached.”  He attached it and everything works fine.
  • And the High Definition stuff is perfectly beautiful too!  Hurrah!

Jody was here five minutes, solved the major issues with two plug-ins and deserves “my hero accolades.”

I am sorry to say he could not help with stupid home phones, car radios, or Kindle connections, but I have a feeling something somewhere is not attached.  Restrain your comments please!

Here’s hoping y’all have had a satisfyingly calm and collected week of fun and frolic, minus the stresses and strains of modern technology.

And if you decide to call me and I don’t answer, leave a message because even if I am here, something is not attached.


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Stop learning?

Who would ever make such a declaration?

At my first job I was taught to operate, clean and maintain an Ozalid machine.  “Learn this and you will always be able to find work for the rest of your life”, they said.   Does anyone know what an Ozalid machine is today? Ha!

Then I learned all about Mimeograph machines.  Anybody ever hear of that? Ha!

Lessons from Other Galaxies

Today the need to divorce myself from “new” technologies came back about a year ago with the gift of a new cell phone.  It is a Samsung Galaxy S4 that was supposed to be top of the line and even transformed itself into an ever-present camera.

“This will be good for the next 10 years,” I thought but it took  a year to find a phone number in an emergency.

And in what seems like minutes there is now a Galaxy 5 and I haven’t even learned 4!

Facebooking Translations Gone Where?

I remember not long ago a beloved grandgirl created a FB dictionary for me (to simplify things).  It was a listing of the lingo for translations of Facebook messages.  Even abbreviations like “I luv u 4 sentimental reasons” seem to have disappeared and I haven’t memorized the list yet. Where have they all gone?

I am for Low Definition TV!

Now Bill has a new HD Flat Screen TV.  Does anyone remember Fat Screen TVs?

To get the HD part, we had to update all Direct TV receivers including the one for my old LD (Low Def) version.  For those of you who are city dwellers, Direct TV is man’s way of surviving in rural areas where there is no Wifi or other such Gigabite connections.  Can you tell I have no idea what I’m talking about?

Low Definition is my own terminology and I intend to stay LD!  Nevertheless, “The updated receiver is required,” so it will be waiting in case I change my mind.

Arghhh!  The Viewer’s Guide is now too small with reverse white type on a light blue background.

DVD Netflix watching is fouled up too!

I have these written instructions which require a translator:

Turn TV on at remote top right button. Slide top thingy slider thing to far Right & switch to Channel 3.  Insert disc.Use second remote for something unidentified.  Turn power off at box or at red dot on remote top right. Switch to Channel 4 and slide top slider thingy to far Left.  TV should now be on and you should be able to change channels! Ha!

And NO, I don’t want Netflix Steaming or Streaming – just something else to learn!


Last month my same technologically savvy grandgirl thought I would enjoy participating in SnapChat.  Huh?

I finally guessed that SnapChat is a place to post a picture

that will only last 3 seconds and then disappear.  

This would allow some folks to be seen naked but not permanently so. 

I am still not sure this is the purpose.  It is only a naïve guess.

Mackenzie was so sweet though, and put Snap and Chat on my new/old cell phone.  I doubt that she wants to see her Grammy disrobed, so maybe this service is for other more benign or deeply mysterious purposes?

Or maybe she knew I would never figure it out anyway.

She was right because when she left I could not figure it out so I deleted it.  At least I hope I deleted it.

Even a little thing like “delete” requires a step by stumble procedure.

Instagram Wireless Communication

I see Instagram all over Twitter too.   I understand Twitter I think, but not Instagram which would necessitate detailed instructions.

Instagram may be messaging in Morse Code because we do tend to be going backward in communication skills.

I have no intention of learning Morse Code since Bill already knows it.  He was a radio operator in the U.S. Air Force some time after the Civil War ended.


In case I am ahead of you in utilizing initials to save time, “FYI” means For Your Information.,

Did you know Twitter is represented across the internet by a little bird on the wing?  That at least makes a bit of sense and does not require a graduate degree in social media.  twitter-logo


People Loving People

Other people seem to reside in specialized technological worlds for as long as they can stand to survive there and until they get updated and have to get new instructions.

Somehow love online always seems to thrive.

I think it is because the young have faster thumbs and the rest of them are bendable.  I suppose they have no trouble reaching out to potential new heartthrobs in the blog-us-fear.

BUT I QUIT!  I don’t want to learn any more.  I already met my heartthrob in person in a touchy feely world before Snap Chat and cell phones.

And I want technology to STOP!  NOW!

Enough is enough.

So now what?

I was just told that all the YMCA resistance equipment (I have been using for 15 years) is being replaced by new, up-to-date stuff.

“Is it the same, but just newer?” I asked.  “Well, no.”

And the trainer went into detail on the new knobs to expect, the new ways of achieving leg lifts, and the fact that they will be hiring people to explain all the new technologies.





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