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English: Sparkler, violent reaction (guy fawke...

English: Sparkler, violent reaction (guy fawkes) Français : Cierge magique pendant la nuit de Guy Fawkes, en Angleterre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is my birthday.

Did you know that November 5th is also Guy Fawkes Day in England?

Much like on our 4th of July,

they celebrate the day a fellow tried to blow up Parliament in 1605!

Here in Virginia Guy Fawkes Day dawned bright and clear.

It was a good way to begin another year

or maybe a good way to end another year.

In any case, I celebrated.

There were no fireworks but

I am wearing a locket that speaks of love from family

and playing with a smart phone, a gift from Bill.

I dined out for lunch with two great “girl” friends.

Calls and candy came from the grandgirls and

I munched marzipan, a gift from a special friend.

There were no fireworks and happily

I don’t feel any older than yesterday.

As the sun sets over Guy Fawkes Day, my birthday

memories will linger.

Maybe next year I will request fireworks!


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