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Bushel Pillow

When the grandgirls were little and came for a visit I remember singing to them.  I tucked them in at night to Mr. Sandman, recorded in 1954 by the Chordettes.  And there was the popular song from the 50’s sung by Doris Day,  A Bushel and a Peck, a happy piece from my own youth.  My best friend Kit and I actually made a recording of us singing, “I love you, a bushel and a peck, You bet your purdy neck I do!” They used to have booths in the old days where for a quarter you could have your picture taken and even make a recording!  The little record we made disappeared over the years, but the song still makes me smile.

Then all of a sudden I was a Grandmother who loved to make her grandgirls laugh.  They knew and I knew Grammy really could not carry a tune so there was always a lot of giggling going on.

My grandgirls are all grown up now and the tucking in days are over.  But last year for my birthday they came bearing a special gift – a pillow!

But it is not just any old pillow.

This one is a pillow full of memories!

And it has a home in the “kids’ room” where we sang those happy songs.  I love the memories of the laughter and the love, and I am so glad my grandgirls remember too.

And Kit, if you are reading this, “Thanks for the memories”!

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rumballs10Grandma’s Bake-a-thon.

Sheryl from the wonderful blog called A Hundred Years Ago (taken from her Grandmother Helena’s diary) will be ending that blog after Christmas.  In honor of her grandma, Sheryl has organized an on-line Bake-a-thon!


To participate in the Bake-a-thon, make an old family recipe,

and share the story of why this recipe holds special memories for you.

Rum Balls hold special memories for me.

My mother was a terrible cook.  She preferred to read a book.

Once there was a television commercial that reminded me of Mom. Maybe you remember it. The wife would be reading (like Mom) when hubby would come in shouting, “I’m home!”  She would jump up and splat flour around her face and begin banging pots and pans to look busy as a housewife should be (that was in the old days of course).

Those were the days my family suffered burnt pork chops and charred cookies.  Oh there were some good things we looked forward to like BLT’s or “Beefaroni” – or rum balls.

When it came to holiday delicacies, Mom was the Queen of Rum Balls and I still love them.

The recipe is simple so I love the recipe too

You see, I hate to cook.   Must be genetic.

Here is Mom’s easy, no-bake recipe for all hate-to-cookers out there:


Quantity – about 40

1 Regular size vanilla wafers (a box)

¼ lb. chopped English Walnuts

¼ lb. chopped Black Walnuts

¼ cup Honey

1/8 cup Brandy

1/8 cup Rum

Powdered Sugar 


Crush the wafers. 

Chop the nuts finer. 

Mix all ingredients.

Roll into balls and then roll in powdered sugar.

Stack ’em for an elegant presentation during the holidays! 

Now if you are serving minors, you may want to forego the Brandy and Rum, but I seem to remember the adults saying, “Not to worry.  The alcohol evaporates.”   Hmmm.

Photograph from Webicurean.com .




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Kids Playce 1

My friend, Dianna at These Days of Mine, is a wonderful photographer of fences and barns and skyscapes and boats and water and kids, and well, you name it, Dianna simply takes fabulous pictures.  She is an inspiration and has me looking at fences (and barns and skyscapes and boats and water and kids) in entirely new ways.

Kids Playce 5

Kids’ Playce  

Cruising along this morning on my way to town I took my usual route.  But this time I was on the lookout for fences.   And there it was – Kids’ Playce.   Suddenly I could hear my grandgirls when they were just little, “Can we go to the playground Grandma?”  Two of those little girls are in college now and one in high school.

Kids Playce 3

A Community Dream

Kids’ Playce is still a lovely well tended playground.  It was the dream a small group of parents. The idea for the city-site mushroomed into a community wide project with volunteers, donors and citizens all participating until it became a reality.  The fence surrounding this remarkable little park is also a statement.   Look! There is a name etched onto each fence post!  Each is an individual who donated time and resources to the completion of the park.

Kids Playce Donors

Echoes of Laughter

And this morning I once again drove into the playground parking lot for the first time since the last time my grandgirls swung around on the tire swings.  Memories arrived unbidden and I swear I could hear echoes of calls from the past, “Push us Grandma!  Push harder!  Look at this Grammy!  C’mon Grammy, play with us! Do we have to go home?  I’m not cold! Just a few more minutes? Pleeeze?”

Who knew the echoes of the past would float out to me between the rungs of that beautiful fence?  And thanks Dianna!  If it wasn’t for you, I would have missed all the fun filled memories and just cruised on by.

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