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Gingerbread HouseWell, the Christmas season has officially begun in my house.   It started with a magical visit from one grown up grandgirl.

Funny things happened when the little girl Jess, who was such a cute baby suddenly drove herself to our house from afar.

Like Giggles:   Remembering and talking about things like her first attempt at baking brownies.  Those were the ones that came out 1/8th  inch thick from using a cookie sheet.  Giggles remembering her 10 year old trials and errors.

But here she is all grown up and beautiful.  She obviously takes after me!

“Let’s go to the movies to see Frozen!” we said.  And so we went – the old grandfolks and the beautiful young woman-grandgirl all grown up.  And how intent we all were so  rapt in the balcony of our one little downtown theater.  We came home smiling.

Then, “Let’s make a gingerbread house!” she cried.   Really?  And off to the big box store we went for a gingerbread house kit.  Have we regressed to childhood?  Who is this child-woman who wishes to relive the halcyon days of yore?  She made the lopsided windowless gingerbread dwelling.  And we are still smiling.

But what would the holidays be without a performance of The Nutcracker?  And there we were, all three once again grinning and engaged in a live production by the Shenandoah Ballet at Washington and Lee University’s Lenfest Center for the Arts.   And we are still smiling.

The once little girl who loved Christmas came to us for a visit to share her love.  She is all grown up now but still wonder-filled.

And we are still smiling.


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