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Ghostly Stairway to the Stars

Ghostly Stairway to the Stars

After over three weeks “on the road” or in the living room yakking with my visiting old friend, Janet, I think I am back to my favorite thing – blogging!  It’s a hard climb though.   I seem to have forgotten all my used-to-be creative urges and am in a ghastly funk.

Janet and I did a lot of driving.

On one of our windy road tours through Virginia, we came upon an overlook.   It was one of those places to get out, stretch, and gaze upon a lovely mile high view of the valley below.

 But, what really drew me to pull into this place was a set of overgrown stone steps that aimed for the sky.

Never mind the view!  It was only a view.

Stairway to Foundation

I was in love with the stairs!

 Can you see there is only a chimney at the top?

Who were the people who lived there?

 Those beautiful steps are a testament to what must have been a gorgeous home.

Who enjoyed that view before the highway and before all the gawking onlookers?

Was it a cottage built as a romantic getaway to escape the maddening crowd?

Was there a family there enjoying a Spartan mountain life?

Who were they?  How did they get there?  Why are they gone?

Coming back to blogging is much like I felt gazing at that ghostly stairway.

 Climbing back to my blogging friends and cleaning up the clutter as I go is the sudden challenge.

The foundation is there but the weeds have taken over and I can only imagine what to write about next.

So, I am starting with the first stone step in my ghostly stairway to the stars.

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