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Some friends are fun,

and some are funny.

Meet our friend Pete,

a combination of both.

We had dinner with our friends, Pete and Phebe last week.  We see them often and look forward each time to hilarious conversations that leave us literally doubled over with laughter.

I am always concerned there will be nothing to say

since we have probably said it all by now.

But no story gets left untold and nothing escapes our howling laughter.  

Pete is wearing Phebe’s hat in this photo and you an see he is cracking himself up and the silliness is oddly catchy.

We are supposed to be among the distinguished elderly now, behaving with quiet maturity and an air of pride and elegance to make our families proud.

It may be fortunate that our families are not around to witness actual behavior!

We even make political arguments insanely funny (maybe because things are so insane in that realm anyway).

And what young folks would want to listen to those zany memories of  our younger selves?  We relive ridiculous moments with humongous chuckles.

Teasing the young wait staff at our local restaurants is part of the unplanned plan too. They may be secretly snickering at those old folks who are having such a great time, but I think they know we love them.

On this last visit to The Sheridan Livery Inn, in Lexington, Virginia, an old favorite restaurant, a familiar waitress greeted us with, “Oh No!  It’s those crazy people again!”  

I took that as a fabulous compliment and so did the others.  Besides, it started us off laughing and we laughed right through the meal.  Surely all that laughing is beneficial for digestion.

How lucky we are to have such people in our lives who are fun, funny and always funnier – they are the catalysts for life’s comic relief.  And just think of all the new memories we are creating to laugh about later.


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Funny Girl in Writing

Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Do you consider yourself funny?  What role does humor play in your life?  Who’s the funniest person you know?

Yes, I do think I’m funny – but only in writing.  In person, I am probably defined as repressed.




I prefer doomsday books and I save information on survival tactics.

My mother used to tell me, “Stop frowning or you will have permanent lines on your forehead!”  She started telling me this when I was two years old.

Now I must tell you that today there mysteriously appeared a brand new box of tissues on the backseat floor of my car.  I was immediately alarmed.  I had not purchased this box and had vacuumed the floors of the car only a day before.

Did I leave the car unlocked?

Did someone come in and steal my identity?  I could not find my registration papers.

And did they leave a gift of tissues for me to cry on?

Worry.  Worry.  Worry.

I sped home.

And found the papers.  And nothing was stolen.

The box of tissues remains a mystery and I have deeper frown lines now upon my once wrinkle free countenance.

But in writing?

Well, when no one can see my frown lines, I think I can be hilarious.

In writing there is a freedom similar to sailing off into the big wide ocean where I can throw up my arms and yell in the wind.

On the other hand there could be storms and that’s dangerous in a boat isn’t it?

And things go wrong with my danged computer!    Grrrrrr!

I can hear Mom talking to me from the great unknown, “Stop FROWNING.  You’ll get permanent lines on your forehead.”

But I think I’m funny…..in writing anyway…..at times anyway….maybe not….ha-ha!

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