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I have just received a new book on nutrition.

That makes hundreds of books by different authors I have received over time.   Hope dies slowly.  And I thought this, like all the others, would end up being donated and sadly, forgotten.

But this book is different and here to stay for it finally offers secrets to finding the Fountain of Youth!

It tells the story of vegetables and fruits – not just that we should eat them (boring!), but where they started, how they have been changed with man’s manipulations (notice I did not say “woman’s”), and  what we should look for now to regain lost taste sensations and the most life-giving qualities for optimal nutrition.

I am not good at book reviews, but here is a primitive summary:

Mom never taught me that one apple can have a good side and a bad side less-than-optimal side.  Did you know that?

If one side of the apple grew up in the sun, it built a protective coloring for survival (good side).  And if the other side of that apple was covered by shade, it grew up a little pale (bad side).  Oh, go ahead and eat the whole apple, but look for an evenly colored red one next time! And the darker, the better.  I know this does not make perfect sense, so you will just have to get the book.  Review by Dor.

  • But I did learn that color is the standard for buying any almost any vegetable or fruit. Granny Smith apples are an exception because they are the most nutritious but are light green in color. Go figure!
  • Have you ever tried a dark brown tomato?  Delicious!
  • Did you know that microwaving corn on the cob is better for you than boiling?  You can microwave them right in their husks!
  • How about this:  Let chopped garlic rest for ten minutes before cooking to boost its ability to fight cancer and cardiovascular disease!
  • Ounce per ounce there is more fiber in raspberries than in bran cereals.

Oh, but I could go on.

No, I am not getting a commission for recommending it.

The real purpose of this post was to share my own fabulous Homeplace Mandarin Salad recipe with you.  This one is guaranteed to impress even the most finicky salad eater.

Book Eating on the Wild SideOh yes – the name of the book I’ve been raving about is Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing link to Optimum Health, by Jo Robinson.


Here is the recipe for:


Combine Romaine and Spinach (darkest green please!) in large bowl

Gently mix in 1 can of “Dill Green Beans” (drained) or jar of “3 Bean Salad” (drained).

Sprinkle in sunflower seeds – any amount to taste.

Then on top of the salad add sliced onion rounds (darkest red) and

 A can of drained Mandarin oranges, plus

 Some fresh dill if you have it, and

Good sized dollops of Ranch dressing. 

Serve in pretty glass salad bowl and mix at the table.

This is a real winner that gets rave reviews.


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