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Photo courtesy of the Lone Tree Museum, Lone Tree, Iowa


“Wash on Monday, 

Iron on Tuesday,

Mend on Wednesday,

Churn on Thursday,

Clean on Friday,

Bake on Saturday,

Rest on Sunday.”

~ From Pioneer Journeys of the Ingalls Family, Pepin, Wisconsin,  Household Chores

It’s Friday again in Virginia!

I vowed to send off an events diary every week for your reading pleasure

and to share my own life in capsule form.

But I am failing to meet the challenge.

My life has been a panorama of dedication to routines and commitments.

Time to let go right and make some serious life changes?

I’m washing today and it’s FRIDAY!


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Dianna at These Days of Mine is my inspiration for trying this.  If you haven’t found her blog yet, take a look.  There is something special about her wanderings and the minute you read paragraph one, you will feel you know her well, and her Motorman, and Sundae-the Cat#1, and Gypsy-the-Cat #2.

But thanks for your continued inspiration Dianna, and here’s what happened in my “neck o’ the woods.”  I should have had this out FRIDAY, but it’s only two days late… pretty good for a first try huh?

  • It took two days to recuperate from our driving trip to see Frankie Valli in Durham, North Carolina.  The show was fabulous but when we got home everything hurt and all I did was sleep.Bull Durham
  • We went to the YMCA on Wednesday and I managed to get in 10,000 walking steps for the day, along with some resistance moves. 10,000 steps is the ultimate daily goal but that only happens about once a month.  After all, there are limits to endurance.
  • A surprise gift that wasn’t a surprise came for Bill’s birthday – one of those big televisions.  He was outside to receive it when the UPS man arrived.  So much for surprises.
  • Everything seemed to be falling apart this week. The air conditioner unit is leaking in the basement.  Thankfully, it’s cool here.  Bill’s old favorite coffee pot simply quit.   The atomic clock that flashes time and temp on the bedroom ceiling gave up.  We are obviously spoiled with such luxuries but do they all have to die at the same time?  We get the message.
  • I saw the twins this week! They are the fawns who have matching spots and are exactly the same size.  Their energy is amazing and it is  thrilling to see them run and play like puppies.  They are soooo fast it’s almost impossible to get a picture but I will keep hoping.


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