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Well, I am alive after all and not felled by a mighty ax!  I was expecting Lizzie Borden to arrive in the guise of my blogger friend, Cindy of Photos from the Loony Bin.  It was our first meeting.  In fact, it was my first meeting with any blogger friend, period, so I had serious reservations about self preservation.

The meeting was to be in a public place of course, so we could size each other up and discern any lurking danger in the confrontation.  It was in a funky pink painted restaurant with a statue of King Kong outside and photos of Elvis Presley inside.  I figured if the prospect of meeting in such a place deterred them (Cindy and spouse), they might really be nefarious criminals who would never love me for who I am.

But suddenly there we were, two blogger friends (and spouses), actually face to face!  And it was as if we had known each other for years!

We talked and talked and got to know each other and laughed and laughed over nothing in particular.  And then I fell into my tour-guide persona and we took in all the exciting, dramatic, and fabulous sights and sounds in this part of the world.

Who would want to miss Foamhenge I ask you (a replica in Styrofoam of Stonehenge in England)?

And then there was the Natural Bridge where it got so cold there were icicles on its walls.

And who could resist our downtown which closes up at 5PM?

Main Street Lexington VA

Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge

Cindy and Mike at Natural Bridge

Cindy and Mike
Pathway Down to Natural Bridge

I think it was the next day, in Stonewall Jackson’s back garden, when I decided I really like this pair from the Snowbelt of Canada.  They are warm enough to light up a room.

And they aren’t ax murderers after all.   They were simply perfect strangers who feel like perfect friends.

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