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I love how the landscape changes with every passing season but this year we are at “high speed.”  I was just getting used to autumn when the heavens said, “NO!”

Red Maple - Last to Lose its Leaves

Our Red Maple That’s Really Yellow And Last to Lose Its Leaves in Fall

Bill's Last Mowing

Bill’s Last Mow


Winter Quiet on the Homefront

The Day Before Thanksgiving?




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The Way Out - Untrodden

I never saw snow until I was 21 years old.

Growing up in Florida the sun was always shining – well mostly if you discount hurricanes and things.

But newly married, Bill and I left Florida to begin a life “en route” since he was a highway engineer sent to work on national park roads in wilderness areas.

My first snow was in the San Bernardino Mountains of California.

The locals called it “Tapioca Snow!”

Our world was transformed one morning and I ran outside not fully clothed and plunked down to make my first snow angel, and so happy and excited to see snow for the very first time that I rolled around in it.

You couldn’t make snowballs because the snow was so dry it wouldn’t stick together. “It’s Tapioca Snow,” they said later, and I thought it was because of all those perfectly dry little pellets.

My blogger friend, Cindy, of Mama’s Empty Nest just shared her fascinating post on “snow rollers.”  I never heard of that, have you?  And that’s what reminded me of the Tapioca snow that I never saw again.  I looked it up and found this, but it doesn’t look like the mighty deep snow of my first experience in the mountains of  California.

I still love waking up to a snow covered world even if I did come down with the flu after that first wondrous experience.

Have you ever heard of Snow Rollers or Tapioca Snow?

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Beeuteeful Fenceline AAIt’s here!

The first big snow of 2013!

And as always, I waited with great excitement for the first flakes to fall.

Born and bred in Florida, I suppose the thrill of snow will never fade and even though we lost power last night at 7PM and  it is still gone and we are still struggling with the generator, I am absolutely thrilled to see the first real snow of the year.  And it is soooooo beautiful as the sun shines on glistening heavy laden limbs and the countryside is glowing in pristine white like a young bride.

I went out as quickly as possible to get pictures!

Bring on the Sun

Crepe Myrtle in Winter


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