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Strange weather hounds us here in enchanting rural Virginia.  Days range from perfectly sunny to projected “severe thunder storms” to high winds and even overnight freezes.

The world certainly looks different with a changing sky and I still play with light to create unique photography (and of course, to develop a photographic masterpiece).  It’s a long and arduous struggle though.  There are so many fabulous photographers who understand their complicated cameras while I stick to my old friend, “Pal” (ye olde trusty cell phone always at the ready).

This last week I was struck by the awesomeness of a looming storm and tried to capture a green green pasture crowned by ominous gray clouds.

Impending Spring Storm

The road out of Camelot was next.  Somehow, punctuated by the shadows of the season, decked out in spring foliage and outlined by ever green grass, my plain old gravel driveway took on a rather elegant persona.

Shadowed Road

And lastly I was trying to imitate the light in a Vermeer painting.  Old Dutch paintings have the most wonderful light and detail.  But Vermeer would no doubt be aghast at my Veggie Still Life.

Veggie Still Life 2

I will keep you posted if a photographic art masterpiece suddenly emerges in the Dork Collection!

Johannes (or Jan) Vermeer is now recognized as one of the great Dutch painters, but while he was alive he could barely make ends meet, and his artistic achievement was almost entirely ignored for 200 years after his death. Little is known about his personal life, other than he died poor and young and left behind a wife and eleven children. Vermeer is admired for his realistic style, his subtle use of color and light and his unusual and inventive brush technique, but fewer than forty of his paintings exist. His most famous works include domestic scenes such as Girl With a Peal Earring (1665) and The Music Lesson (1662-65), and tranquil landscapes such as The Little Street (1657-58) and View of Delft (1659-60).  

From Who2 Biographies http://www.who2.com/bio/jan-vermeer

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Virginia Forecast:  This afternoon a snowstorm is expected to arrive in my neck-o’-the woods.   Nature is patiently on alert.

A Tree in Winter

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Daily Post

Photo Challenge:  Converge

Photos are visual spaces where shapes and lines, objects and people come together.

This week, explore the ways lines and shapes can converge in interesting ways through photography.  You can take the theme in a literal or an abstract direction, as you see fit – from a photo of a by-road merging into a busy highway to an image of an airport terminal where people from all over the world form hectic, ephemeral communities.



Country Tracks

Endless Fence

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Look closely.

It’s there – a little fence behind the roses amidst the summer green.

Perhaps I saw the roses first in all their show and color.

Or was it the southern charm of a yard in bloom?

Did I even notice the little fence back there so quietly unobtrusive?

Have you found it yet? 


Linking to Friday’s Fences

farm-fence-icon copy

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Sometimes I miss the most beautiful vistas “right under my nose”.  This is a friend’s old barn.  She says it was constructed around 1850, just before her farmhouse was built in that same era.  The barn is still in use for two horses. How did I miss photographing this before?  The view from the road is like looking back in time.  I hope she will allow me to photograph her house too.  Wish I had a fancier camera!

Phebe's Barn 2

Phebe's Barn Built in 1885

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???????????????????????????????farm-fence-icon copy

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Once There Wasfarm-fence-icon copy

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A Fence-line from the Inside Out

We are experiencing a bitter cold and windy day here in the Valley.  I had hoped  for a  drive with Bill on a search for photo ops,  but just getting in and out of the car would have been a chilly challenge.  A deceptively bright sun began to shine early on, but the day stayed shivery cold anyway.  I decided to cuddle up by the wood stove instead and here’s my fence-line observation from the inside, out.

Fenceline Through a Window 2

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I hit 10,000 steps today!  

I can hardly move now, but smugly sitting,

working at my favorite thing –


Congratulations to me though for camera-walking once again,

and even then

Imagining I was working at my favorite thing –


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