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My Snowy World

I went for a walk today to see the melting.  Birds and deer and turkey were all happily hunting for the sustenance that disappeared the day before. It was a snowy world now rapidly disappearing with the advent of the sun.  In some places the snow lingers, and even though I will be delighted to see it all go,  it still outlines my world with gallant touches of glamour.


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A Fence-line from the Inside Out

We are experiencing a bitter cold and windy day here in the Valley.  I had hoped  for a  drive with Bill on a search for photo ops,  but just getting in and out of the car would have been a chilly challenge.  A deceptively bright sun began to shine early on, but the day stayed shivery cold anyway.  I decided to cuddle up by the wood stove instead and here’s my fence-line observation from the inside, out.

Fenceline Through a Window 2

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