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Virginia Farm Stuff

Virginia Corn Silk

Virginia Corn Silk

Corn Hi as Elephant's Eye

Virginia Corn


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If I keep going, will I fall off the edge?

The Sky's the Limit

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A Farming Horizon

Farm Horizons 2


Farm Horizons 1


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The Land, The Land, What Can I do with The Land?

From City Dude to Country Gent,

my husband just got up and went.

He donned a cap and bought some gear,

And wound up with a big John Deere.

He built a fence and planted trees,

and put in vegetables on his knees.

He led the ladies on a walk

to prove the land was not just talk.

Once among the city boys,

now he has a farmer’s toys.

Is this really all it takes –

tools and tractors and rakes

to be a farmer?

Follow me ladies!

Beginning to Look the Part

Farmer Bill Dressing for Action
(with help from sister, Millie)

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