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Finished Products 2017

It was a reunion of sorts…. two birthday grandgirls, a birthday son and a birthday Dor.  And getting ready for Halloween 2017 was the plan!  An ice cream cake, a favorite meal, and carving pumpkins marked a special time.

Pumpkin Prep 2017

Cork Pumpkin Operating Officer 2017Pumpkin Carving with Grandgirls 2017


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Herd of Deer 002

Deer Family Reunion
As Seen
Through my Kitchen Window

I know it’s not the traditional time of year for family reunions but last week I stopped the car to watch a brood of about 40 turkeys crossing the road.  They looked like a very busy family with a serious destination in mind.  Of course I forgot to take along my camera.

Then, on the day before Valentine’s Day, there was a bigger-than-usual gathering of deer in the back yard.  I gasped as I looked out the kitchen window and saw so many of these beautiful creatures.  They were happily munching  in the dried up winter grass.  They too reminded me of  a family reunion complete with a picnic and all the fixin’s and everybody helping themselves.

Wildlife in large groups seem to be more prevalent around the house this year.

Nothing like family reunions!

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