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I believe in writer’s block because I have had it for about two years now. It began just before the pandemic. Oh wouldn’t it be lovely to blame it on that?

How confined one becomes when hunkering down.

Or maybe I could blame it on Big Foot and then the Creaky Hip.

Perhaps it is a matter of concentration.

Or maybe I need to take a different eye view of the world,

a walk on the wild side

or just time for contemplation.

Can you tell I have reflected on this?

And have come to a conclusion

that in the end, there is really no writer’s block.

You simply have to sit down and start writing.


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Christi is my niece.  She read the Writer’s Block post I recently entered, and she actually took the time to think about my dilemma.  I was at an impasse and quite incapable of creative thought , much less creative writing.

Christi then shared an idea she had for restoring creativity and the urge to write.

Here is what she said:

“Aunt Dorothy,

I have been reading about your writer’s block and I have an idea that might help.  Go for a drive, go somewhere you don’t normally go and just look around.  I suggest this because as I am sitting here in NYC, I looked up and saw a sign for a nuclear fallout shelter.  I starting thinking that I had never seen one before and then, I wondered how many people had even noticed it.  What kinds of things exist around us every day that we either don’t notice, or take advantage of?

I don’t know if this will help your writer’s block or not, but I hope it does.”


Isn’t this fantastic advice?

And it works!  I actually went for a drive today and came up with a great idea.

Thanks Christi.  You make a difference.

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