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Chicha 002This is Chicha Bonita, a very cute old lady pup who loves people.

She was the Welcome Receptionist as we celebrated Thanksgiving with friends in Lexington, Virginia.

Bill and I met a whole passel of new and interesting people there.

And by the time the turkey got to the table, we loved it all – the people, the food and the party that was getting louder and louder.

We missed our family and friends who live “out west”.

We missed our grandgirls.

And it felt strange not to be hosting the great event.

But even though we were a little shy at first, I suddenly turned around to see Bill slouched on the couch watching football with the guys.  And next time I looked he was laughing and talking and making everybody else laugh too.

I was still feeling a little shy though,

at least until a SOS Thanksgiving trauma

when I managed to lock myself in the bathroom!

The door would not open, period!

Really?  How mortifying!  How long would I have to stay in there?

I pounded but no one heard.  They were all either in animated conversation or cheering.

Well, they would surely miss me at dinner

and notice the empty seat at the table wouldn’t they?

I was contemplating climbing out the window into the cold night.   Nah.  Too dark. Too cold.

I kept pounding and wrestling with the doorknob.

Finally there was a calm comforting voice on the other side of the door.  “Don’t worry,” said the voice, and “Does anyone have a credit card?”

Was he planning on buying his way in or what?

“There is a tiny little latch to the side of the doorknob,” said the voice.  “Lift it.”

With some concentrated effort I lifted the latch.  And the door magically opened to one of the family’s handsome sons.

“My hero!” I said.  “Thank you for setting me free.”

And though I was tempted to swoon, I started laughing out loud instead.

How unglamorous to be locked in a bathroom during Thanksgiving festivities!

But with that, I was suddenly relaxed, happy, and ready to party!

Not counting that red-faced predicament, it was a traditional Thanksgiving –  a delightful, everything-you-would-expect Thanksgiving to be and more.

It was a wonderful group of giving loving happy people full of laughter, stories and the joy of sharing.  And by the way, the food was fabulous too.

A  special thank you to our lovely friends for taking in two more “strays” (Bill and me) to join in that celebration and Thank you Chicha Bonita for presiding.




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dancersI  am not particularly coordinated.

Oh I never fall over my own feet or anything like that, although I did trip once and got a green stick fracture.

And then I slipped another time and broke an ankle.

Sometimes I run into things too – like the deep sea diver at Disney World, or that pole I walked into once, and a few cabinets and things.

And the family did get a bit concerned when I banged my head on the jungle gym trying to play chase with a grandchild.

Oh, and there was that time I tried to ride on a skate board and rolled over the edge of a semi-cliff!

But basically I think I am fairly stable.

I just never really learned to dance.

When I met my husband-to-be he loved dancing.  His girlfriend before me was an Arthur Murray dance instructor!

Anyway, he (Bill – my then boyfriend) was good at dancing.  He looked suave out there with other girls.  I would only very slow dance with him since I could just hang on and get drifted shoved around.  And if I happened to step on his foot, he didn’t seem to notice much.  We were young and in love, and passion was meant to override pain.

But I was determined to dance – the Cha Cha and the Waltz – you know – the ones on Dancing with the Stars!  Even now, I yearn to learn the Quick Step.  Maybe I could still be a professional dancer!

With the visions of grandeur of a 19 year old,  I dropped in on a local dance studio for secret lessons.  If Bill could learn from the experts, so could I!

 There were several couples on the dance floor looking very smooth.

I was welcomed by a handsome instructor, who said the way to begin was at the beginning with a TRIAL RUN!

And so, off we went onto the dance floor where I gave the Trial Run my best stumble-and-grin try.

I hoped Dan the Dance Man didn’t notice my sweaty palms, the frown lines, or the fact that I was listing left when he was guiding right.


What music?

I didn’t even hear the music over the roaring in my head,

“Step.  Step.  Step-Step!

Step.  Step.  Step-Step!”

And finally, after what seemed like hours, we stopped stepping.

My feet hurt and my arms were shaking like that time I did the weed eating and couldn’t hold a coffee cup afterward.

“When do lessons begin?” I asked. 

I figured I had already suffered the initial plunge. 

And Dan the Dance Man answered,

“Uh.  I would not advise you to take this course Miss. 

You have no balance and no rhythm.” 

 I am not kidding. 

That is exactly what he said.

Thus began my lifetime of insecurity wherever I encountered a dance floor.  And thus began a somewhat destroyed self image due to one life changing moment.

There is a happy ending though.

Oddly enough my husband-to-be, actually did marry me many (many many) years ago and we are still blissfully wed even though I have no rhythm and no balance.

I continue to trip over Bill’s feet on the dance floor too, and I never lost the ability to list left when being guided right.

So much for life changing moments huh?

But I would still love to learn the Quick Step!

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